In her deeply poignant 2010 memoir, “Bedwetter,” the incredibly talented Sarah Silverman attributed her remarkable sense of humor to her loving father. She revealed that it was he who imparted upon her the art of cleverly crafting comedic moments. However, today we bear witness to the devastating news that Sarah’s father, Donald Silverman, has passed away. While his death was not expected, it appears that Sarah had sensed his waning health. In a heartfelt Instagram post, she shared that he had longed to reunite with his late wife, Janice, who had tragically left this world just a week prior.

Janice, a cherished step-mother to Sarah, had been Donald’s beloved partner for an incredible four decades. Sarah believes that the immense grief over losing his cherished wife ultimately dampened her father’s will to live. She bravely honored her father’s memory by sharing multiple cherished photographs of them together on Instagram. In her poignant caption, she expressed, “My dearest companion, Schleppy—my dad—passed away last night. Throughout his final week, my sisters, grandkids, and I surrounded him with immense love, sharing both laughter and the darkest, most twisted jokes.”

In this time of heartache, Sarah has chosen to advocate for a cause dear to her heart. She implores anyone who feels inclined to make a contribution to consider donating to @2ndnurture, a remarkable non-profit organization founded by her sister, Susan Silverman. Established in 2017, the organization seeks to increase the number of families willing to foster and adopt waiting children and teenagers, ensuring their successful integration into loving homes. Sarah explained that her sister was inspired to create this vital initiative after engaging in countless conversations about fostering and adoption with individuals from various cities across the United States and Canada.

Following Sarah’s heartfelt announcement, an outpouring of condolences and well wishes flooded in from all corners. Renowned actress Elizabeth Banks conveyed her sympathies, writing, “My deepest condolences on your immeasurable loss. Sending you love during this difficult time.” Actress Alison Brie shared her sorrow, saying, “I’m deeply sorry for your loss. Sending love and strength to you and your family.” Comedian Chelsea Handler, reflecting on the extraordinary man Sarah’s father was, shared, “Your dad was an exceptional human being—funny, intelligent, and kind-hearted. I’ll miss him dearly, popsicle.”

As we bid farewell to a remarkable individual, let us remember and cherish the profound impact Donald Silverman had on his loved ones’ lives. May he rest in eternal peace.