On July 14 in Lancaster, California, Roseanna Christiansen, who played the Southfork ranch maid Teresa on the final nine seasons of the original Dallas on CBS, died at Antelope Valley Medical Center. She was 71. There is no information about her death available.

Christiansen began her career with Dallas in 1982 for its sixth season, remaining through the 14th and final year in 1991. She was a part of 112 episodes.

She was a maid before her seven-year run on Dallas, during which she appeared in three episodes of the CBS comedy The Jeffersons. She reprising her role as a maid during the show’s 1981 season. Florence (Marla Gibbs) departed the series for Check In, and she was hired to replace her. When that program was canceled after just four episodes, Ms. Gibbs returned to the cast.

The show Dallas aired on CBS from 1978-1991 and is often cited as one of the most popular prime-time dramas in television history. The show follows the wealthy Ewing family of Texas and their dramatic exploits, including affairs, business deals, and political maneuverings. The show was known for its sensational plotlines and its all-star cast, which included Larry Hagman, Patrick Duffy, and Linda Gray.

Dallas was a groundbreaking show in many ways. It was one of the first prime-time dramas to depict a wealthy family in a negative light, and it was also one of the first shows to feature a cliffhanger ending. The show was incredibly popular during its run, and it spawned a number of spinoffs, including Knots Landing and Dallas spinoff Knots Landing.

Despite its popularity, Dallas has often been criticized for its over-the-top storylines and for its portrayal of wealthy Texans as shallow and spoiled. However, the show remains a beloved classic for many fans and continues to air in reruns all over the world.

If you’re a fan of prime-time dramas, then Dallas is a must-watch. The show is packed with drama, romance, and intrigue, and it’s sure to keep you entertained from start to finish.

After leaving, Florence (Marla Gibbs) was replaced as Huxtable’s (George Foreman) maid by Carmen. George and Louise hired Carmen after Florence quit. In reality, Gibbs left the show to star in her own spinoff, Checking in, which aired for only four episodes before being canceled, allowing her to resume serving as a maid on The Jeffersons.

She was married to Steve Rizzo and is survived by her husband, Steven Rizzo, as well as their two children, Josiah and Grace. She also leaves behind her sister Elba.