As any doctor will tell you, there is a lot of risks in multiple births. Not only are they risky for the babies, but they can also put the mom at a great deal of risk as well. However, back in 2015, one couple made their small Canadian town famous with multiple births for the ages. The couple, Tim and Bethani Webb hail from Hythe, Alberta, Canada. The couple planned on waiting for a while to start a family, but just three months into their marriage the couple found out that Bethani was pregnant. AS the couple would learn in time, though, this would be anything but a normal pregnancy. What they would learn after their first ultrasound would shock them and their doctors. The Webbs, it would turn out, had produced a medical marvel, the rarity of which is like winning the Powerball.

Amazingly, Bethani was pregnant with four little babies, a fact that made her heart absolutely swell. She hadn’t met them yet, but she was already in love with her quadruplets. But, there was a long road ahead. The stress of welcome four little lives into their small world created a lot of stress for the Webbs. What most couples buy one of when preparing for their first child, the Webbs had to buy four. Four little cribs, baby clothes for four, and much more. Besides all of the financial hardship, the Webbs were also very young. Bethani was just 22 when she found out that she was pregnant. Obviously, there was a lot to do, and the couple had to prepare both physically and mentally to raise four children at once. With four future mouths to feed, the Webbs would have to make a lot of changes in order to get ready for their new lives.

Their community, however, stepped up in a big way. In a town of just 900, news traveled fast. And when the community heard that their population would be increased by 4, friends and family stepped in to give as much as they could to the Webbs. The community had fundraisers and donated to the couple in order to help them prepare for their quadruplets. When the time came for Bethani to have her C-section on May 6, 2016, the doctors operating on her couldn’t believe what they saw. Not only were the babies quadruplets, a rare occurrence, but they were also all girls! Not only that, but the girls were all identical. The odds of that happening are about 1 in 15 million. The Webbs were thrilled with their identical quadruplets, but they also produce a unique set of challenges. Bethani admitted that most of the time, it’s still impossible for her to tell the babies apart. She says that they plan on painting each of the girls’ toenails a different color in order to tell them apart. They consider their quadruplets such a blessing. Bethani had always dreamed of raising little girls, and now her dream has come true in a big way.