This was an unexpected twist on the classic “Cougar Town.”

Although often perceived as elusive and shy, it turns out that pumas are no strangers to human habitats.

Thrilling footage recently documented a group of mountain lions roaming through a Colorado neighborhood in the middle of the night, not long after several pets were killed in the area.

On Saturday around 11 pm in the picturesque town of Silverthorne, Carolyn Andrews encountered an unforgettable sight – five mountain lions gracefully strolling through her yard! As she recounted to CBS News, “There it was, five mountain lions walking through my sideyard.”

Her Ring doorbell camera, typically used to detect unwelcome humans on her property, caught the puma parade in full swing.

Previously, Andrews’ security camera had captured footage of bears and moose; however, never before had it documented these mysterious feline hunters.

The footage depicts the cougar quintet strutting along her snow-covered front yard, like cowboys out of a classic Western movie.

CBS dubs the group of cats a “pack,” however, this is likely inaccurate as most predators are solitary unless they’re engaged in mating or parenting activities, per the Mountain Lion Foundation.

In reality, these mountain lions will fiercely battle other lions – which can lead to death – in order to protect their territory which averages 100 square miles.

It’s more probable that the group was a mama cougar with her four cubs.

Regardless, the sighting sent shivers running down spines throughout Silverthorne.

“It [the prevalence of mountain lions] is a concern if you have pets or even young children,” said Andrews.

To ensure safety, Colorado Parks and Wildlife urgently requests parents to keep a watchful eye over their children when they are playing outdoors in lion-inhabited areas.

“Make sure children are inside before dusk and not outside before dawn,” they said.

The conservation org is also encouraging pet owners to bring their furry friends into the home for the evening, or if they must remain outside at night, ensure that your animal companion has a safe “secure top” kennel.

Recently, a mountain lion was spotted nearby after 15 dogs were viciously mauled in just under 30 days near Nederland, which is approximately 60 miles away. Mountain lions can reach up to 8 feet long and weigh over 200 pounds, making them incredibly dangerous predators.

A local resident has created a tracking map depicting that from April 4 to December 9 of 2022, 23 dogs had either been killed, attacked, or disappeared due to big cats.

Not only do pets and children have to be cautious, but so should the rest of us.

Last month, a terrifying encounter unfolded when a couple peacefully soaking in their hot tub on a rental property in Chaffee County were suddenly attacked by an enraged cougar. The man’s head was viciously clawed at by the ferocious wild animal.