With anti-American protests all over the country it isn’t uncommon to find sports organizations not playing the national anthem before their respective sporting event. This has been found in both the professional and amateur realm of sports. We even find the “black national anthem” being played before certain sporting events, but not the Star Spangled Banner. We also find more and more players and coaches taking a knee during the pregame song to protest police brutality and the racial inequality we are finding across the country. This is a very heated topic and issue that has staunch supporters on both sides of the argument. However, there are still a few places where we can find those who stand up for National Anthem giving honor and respect to our flag and country.

In Granbury, Texas the local high school football team took matters into their own hands when they heard the national anthem would not be played before the game. While playing an away game in Crowley, Texas the football team got the news the band could not make it in time to play the song. They were so uncomfortable with the thought of going out on the field without paying respect the flag and country they decided to sing it themselves. Despite not having any band or music to play with them, they sang loudly alone as best they could to honor their country.

Even though they weren’t in perfect harmony and may have even messed up a few words, the football team belted out their pride for America and weren’t ashamed for anyone to see or hear them. It’s unsure what the opposing team did while the song was sang, but that didn’t even begin to slow down the Granbury Pirates in their singing. However, the lack of musical accompaniment was not due to either Texas town’s fear of backlash, shame, or lack of patriotism.

The reason for the Star Spangled Banner not being played was actually due to weather. Because of severe weather in the area the Granbury, Texas band wasn’t able to make the trip to play the anthem or encourage their football team. This inclement weather caused the game to be rescheduled for the following day. The change in schedule made it difficult for either the home team’s or the visiting team’s band to make it in time for the game. Neither band could show up in time to play the National Anthem pregame. That didn’t bother the Granbury Pirates.

With helmets off and hands over their hearts the players shouted out the song over the strong winds for all to hear. Online video does not show the reaction of others in the stadium or on the field but most of the players can be seen standing giving respect to the flag. There are a few coaches who seem to be walking around not paying attention but most of the people in the video are giving honor to our flag and country. Whether or not the Granbury Pirates actually won the football game is unsure, but they did succeed in standing proudly as Americans in an uncertain time.