The majority of people enjoy spending family time having a great meal at their favorite restaurant. Most families with small children try to instill in their children the importance of being polite and in control when they are out eating in the presence of others. Then too, there are those parents who are anxious to get away from the noise and squabbling of their kids. Family time at a restaurant means allowing the kids to be noisy, disruptive, and disrespectful of others. Such is the case of a restaurant named Omas Kuche whose owner, Rudolf Mark, had endured more than enough of rowdy kids.

The owner of Omas Kuche, which was found in Germany, decided to place a restrictive ban on kids of a certain age that would prevent them from coming into the restaurant after 5 PM. He placed the blame for the children’s behavior on lazy parents who totally ignored their kids while they disturbed other guests. Rudolf Mark was really perturbed by the behavior of these kids who came into the restaurant to play around. This constant unacceptable behavior from the kids prevented other guests from having peace of mind as they tried to enjoy their meal. The parents of the kids were not interrupted by this type behavior at all, and said nothing to the children.

The misconduct of kids had resulted in a loss of restaurant guests for Rudolf Mark. This sent some guests to other restaurants to dine. Mark put the ban in place because he could not take it any longer. Parents brought their kids into the restaurant, and did not care about their conduct, nor did they care about the environment the kids created for other guests. When the ban against kids at Omas Kuche was placed, it was not supported by many especially parents who felt that everyone should not have to pay for the carelessness of a few.

The hospitality industry was at a disadvantage about the situation because they were not sure of the legalities of it, and they wanted everyone to be welcomed. The government can probably take action because this is an age discrimination situation. Other businesses from the hospitality industry who understand the importance of having satisfied customers are in support of Mark’s ban on kids. They feel that with this policy being in place it will create a spot that is conducive, and will attract more customers.

Some restaurants have measures in place to try to combat unruly children, but Omas Kuche has successfully created an oasis for dining customers where they can have peaceful dining experiences. Food can be enjoyed without the disturbance of rowdy kids and lazy parents. Whether this is a profit or loss for the restaurant is not a worry for the owner at this point. There are people who like to have children in the midst while they eat. Some people can withstand the noise. The parents of children insist that they can not afford to go to a restaurant without their kids.

Restaurant owners are still confused about the ban on kids issue which is complicated. There are challenges involved in finding the best way to cope with it. Rudolf Mark stands firm in his decision to place the ban on kids, and insists that he will not remove it.