A woman has recounted the strange circumstance in which she claims to have “met God” after falling into a coma.

In 2014 and 2016, Penny Wittbrodt from Kentucky had to be hospitalized after encounters with struggling to breathe and swallow.

After experiencing anaphylactic shock, Jodie – who often discusses her experiences on Facebook and podcasts– felt her and her grandmother’s souls were revealed to her.

As Mittbrodt stated, both souls mentioned to her, “Time here [on Earth] is so structured, and time there really gets away from you.”

Wittbrodt claims that after suffering an allergic reaction from eating shellfish, she saw a “bright light” before being told telepathically by her grandmother’s spirit to remain calm.

When she awoke from her coma, Dr. Wittbrodt says that she was “immediately healed.”

“We’re meant to move forward, meet challenges, and share kindness,” she said.

The retired nurse explained that the experience was a sign from God and assured her that she would be “rewarded in the afterlife” for enduring such difficult times.