The kindness of others is always important in communities and for those looking after young ones in need of help, it’s good to have support even from the most unsuspecting of places. During hard times, a stranger’s kindness can make all the difference in the world, and for one couple in Minnesota, that kindness could not have come at a better time. Newly-made parents Jesse and Mairie Hulscher knew they had a lot on their hands when their son Adler was born. What caught them by surprise right after taking him home was finding the boiler breaking down and the prospect of no heat in the middle of Minnesota during the winter months. With another young one at home plus little Adler, Jesse called up a repairman immediately and pleaded to have him come and get the heat back on in the household.

The worker from Magnuson Sheet Metal came out that very day and quickly assessed the panicking couple’s situation while seeing their predicament held in Marie’s arms. Promptly the repairman got things right with the home’s furnace and soon heat was flowing for the Hulscher’s and their newest addition. The parents were grateful and gladly accepted a bill of services due for the timely repairman. Upon opening the sheet Jesse was shocked by what was written and showed the handwritten words to Marie. Listed was the series of services and parts enlisted in the repair, and at the bottom, the price was replaced with a quick message in place of dollars; No Charge, take care of the new baby, as clearly written by the gold-hearted repairman. Both parents couldn’t believe their eyes and wondered at the good samaritan intentions. “I was like, No, this can’t be real,” said Jesse Hulscher, recalling his disbelief at the man’s act of kindness. Marie expressed complete disbelief at the note and was overjoyed in a later posting on Facebook where they put up the note and story of events. “This can’t be real,” she said, as her husband shook his head.

When asked about the act, Murgunson Sheet Metal played it down and stated the intentions of the worker were to see that the family was taken care of and the young Hulscher was safe for the cold winter ahead. The worker’s identity has been kept anonymous and the families thanks has been received after posting on Facebook their story and gratitude. Stories like these bring to light the kinds of effort it takes to see a family through hard times, and how any individual can provide support for those in need. Such an act is almost like a Christmas present come early for two parents and their littlest gift of the year.