The 25th anniversary of Princess Diana’s untimely death was last August, and her millions of fans worldwide were reminded again of what a tragedy it was. Not only was she beloved by many, but Princess Di also exhibited characteristics such as bravery and beauty which are not often found in royal family members. She really was “the whole package.”

Currently, another royal family member is reminding the public of the late beloved monarch: 31-year-old Lady Kitty Spencer, Diana’s niece.

Kitty looks so much like the late Princess Diana that it’s uncanny. From Kitty’s round, doe-like brown eyes and thick blond hair to her air of confidence, looking at a photo of Kitty is just like seeing a picture of Diana!

Kitty became a Lady the same way her Aunt Diana did- when her father inherited an earldom. Princess Diana’s brother, Charles Spencer, 9th Earl Spencer is actually Queen Elizabeth’s godson- Talk about an impressive family tree!

Although they may look alike, the Lady and her famous aunt don’t have the same personality. For example, Kitty loves being in the spotlight whereas Princess Di was notably introverted.

The socialite’s group of friends now includes many other wealthy beauties who love to show off their extravagant lifestyles on social media.

Recently, she has been making quite an impact on the fashion world with her stunning looks as a model. The royal family member has graced the covers of many magazines and even strutted down Dolce & Gabbana’s runway.

Although Kitty has many fans now, her childhood was very different from the life she leads today. In 1995, when Kitty was 5 years old, her father moved the family to South Africa, where they stayed until she finished college.

Though she didn’t grow up in the same way as her famous family, Kitty doesn’t feel detached from them. In an interview with Vanity Fair, Kitty gives us some insight into what it was like to have a princess as an aunt.

“I was so young [when Diana was alive],” she said. “There are only a few memories, but special memories and happy memories, and I’m so lucky to have those.”

Kitty is not only a promising model but also a philanthropist, working tirelessly for UK charities Give Us Time and Centrepoint. In addition, she holds a Master’s in Luxury Brand Management from Regents University which will doubtlessly be useful if she continues to work within the fashion industry.

To see more pictures of Lady Diana’s beautiful niece, watch the video below. We think these two share a striking resemblance!