It isn’t often that models or celebrities have to create secondary and burner accounts due to the overpopulation of an original. This was the fate of Diana Vasquez. Her primary Instagram account was becoming bombarded with fans from all walks of life. Her numbers continued to climb and the output was too much for servers to handle. Her inbox was bursting at the seams, so she compartmentalized a second page for viewers to enjoy. She marked her original page as a private account for pay-per-view fans only.

Diana has worked heavily within the fields of fitness and modeling to get to where she stands today. She represents Rockstar Energy as one of their famed faces. Modeling for an energy drink company is filled with trade show appearances, travel around the globe for exclusive events, and attendance is required at parties. Taking her show on the road is something that suits her personality well. She remains open to new ideas and different shoots, applying herself to whatever scenery is on the tabs. Remaining open for change is something that has propelled her excellence.

Most of her images are designed in a fashion that creates a zoom on content. Bringing an image closer to the home of the user excites the fans that follow her career. Her secondary Instagram page has already accumulated over 740,000 fans in its short order of appearance. She has also doubled up on her internet content as she displays pages and websites where fans can purchase exclusive content rights and streams.

Her TikTok page marks a secondary outlet for her to reveal some of her sensible personality. She electrifies with humorous video content and creates exclusive, write-in streams that allow users to interact with her video content. She is always open to answering questions from her fans. Her fan interaction is what has drawn many from around the globe to her content streams.

She titles her page as Miss Diana, which leads many to believe that she is a single model. Her love interests have been kept under wraps for many years, which leads some to believe she is ready to mingle. She scoffs whenever presented with proposals and credits fans for their bravery and their kindness.

She remains highly accessible because she believes her celebrity status shouldn’t define her personalized approach. Remaining on the ball with fan interaction and juggling event to event is something that creates a positive impression on others. She often posts messages of motivation to keep people chasing their interests and their dreams. She might have to invest in a third account if this secondary attempt grows at the rate it is moving at.