For bloggers, posting personal information or allowing peers into day to day behaviors are doorways that become open for entrance. Marta Mayer knows a thing or two about letting people into her lifestyle and her approach to career ideals. Marta was born in Moscow, Russia.

She started to garnish a following via the sensation of photo blogging. This ideal is basically the introduction of images and placing backstories behind the introduced content.

Blogging via photo, usage was a niche market for Marta. It represented an opportunity for her to speak her mind and take some incredible photos in the process. Fans quickly placed claims on her work and applauded her new, stylish approach. Becoming one of the first to market this content quickly caught the eyes of modeling agencies. Many agencies sought her for work, allowing her to pack her bags and travel across the country.

The intimacy that is revealed through pairing imagery with messages is something that holds no bounds. Marta is able to cite things that are important to her and represent the belief system that she holds. This reduction allows her to remain true to herself and remain transparent with all that she comes in contact with.

Marta’s background for modeling gigs is expanded across different title regions and lines of work. She is often depicted for bikini shoots, modeling the latest swimwear. She has been contracted for fashion work, staying up-to-date with trendy topics and designs. She also does a bulk of her work in the field of lingerie modeling, providing provocative shoots that turn up the heat. Her approach to all of these different avenues has claimed for her likeness amongst many of the most populated sources working for the market today.

Her Instagram page is very straight-forward and knows no bounds. She currently has over 800,000 followers on her Instagram page. She organizes her page in a seamless manner, making sure not to cloud her page with multiple file folders and organizational hubs. This delivery style is something that her fans have come to know and love.

Getting straight to the content and reading the paired phrasing markets her presentations as dual-purpose. Being a writer at heart truly helps to invest the interest of her fans. She attempts to introduce elegant phrasing, introducing verbal poetry to each of the images she posts to her page. Aspiring writers will take solace in the fact that they can message her and outreach her for feedback, support, and other terms of friendship. She remains very active in contributing to feedback concerns and addressing others. This friendly approach will keep her on the positive side of the ball into the foreseeable future.