Shopping with young children is never an easy task. Rebecca Patterson of Pearland, Texas, knows this all too well. The mother of a 2-year-old and a 2-month-old, Patterson tries to avoid the potential embarrassment of shopping with small kids. This means she has become an expert at finding ways to do things when she is alone. Creative scheduling is something parents learn to do rather quickly. The use of babysitters and family members is a great option for most busy parents. However, those plans do not always work out. Obviously, there are times when Patterson must simply go out and hope for the best. Needing just a few items, the busy mom decided make a quick stop at a local Target store. After all, it would be a short trip. At least, that is what Patterson expected.

Patterson soon realized that her shopping adventure was a big mistake as both children began crying and screaming excessively inside the store. While every parent has likely experienced something similar, Patterson felt the emotions of having to decide whether to purchase the items she needed or leave without them in order to calm her children. Having no help inside the Target store, her embarrassment soon turned to frustration. She put her things down and tried to console the kids long enough for her to be able to finish her shopping and check out. However, the children did not calm down. They kept crying in unison. Patterson’s already stressful day was getting worse by the second. The people in the store seemed to ignore to all the commotion. They went on about their business as if she and her kids were invisible.

Just when she felt like giving up and leaving the store, she heard the surprising voice of a complete stranger. The woman behind the voice asked Patterson if she needed some help with the children. The offer shocked Patterson at first. She did not know if she should say yes or politely reject the help. After all, the offer was from someone she had never met. The lady had been watching Patterson struggle and thought she could be useful. Patterson finally admitted that she could use a little help. The stranger held Patterson’s 2-year-old and calmed him. Grateful for the kind actions of the stranger, Pattern took a picture of the act of kindness. The stranger’s name is Tiffany Guillory. Patterson prefers to think of her as an angel. The picture was posted to social media and has resonated with many parents who have felt the strain of trying to shop with crying children. In fact, the post became viral after it was shared by thousands of online users. Guillory laughed as she recalled asking Patterson if she needed help, “She never said anything but her motions was like yes.”