Since several people would like to see Trump back in the White House as President of the United States, a poll was recently completed to see how he might do if the election were to take place again. By a small percentage, Donald Trump would beat out President Biden 43 % to 37%. There has been a decrease in support from voters of the African American community as well as females who voted for Biden in the 2020 election. About 14% of voters expressed that they wanted to vote for someone other than Trump or Biden at the time of the election.

When the election occurred in November 2020, Biden was able to defeat Trump by a significant number of votes. He obtained over 51% of votes while Trump only managed 46%. After numerous states recounted their votes, the end result still put Trump behind by about five percentage points. The poll was taken during a time when the military was pulling out of Afghanistan, which has been a hot topic across the country.

It’s possible that the activity taking place in Afghanistan could have swayed the opinions of some voters who were once in support of Biden. Another factor that could have contributed to the numbers is the limited population of people who were asked about who they would vote for in another election. In the midst of the election details, the Biden administration has been blaming Trump for starting the Afghanistan deal to pull troops out while Trump has been blaming Biden for the way in which it was performed.