Shopping outlets often set a standard for clothing when entering, which isn’t technically an official dress code. But I’m sure you’ve seen the “no shirt, no shoes, no service” signs before – that’s what they’re referring to!

As one homeless woman in Oklahoma strolled into a Walmart barefoot, the police were there not to apprehend her for her shoelessness but rather to give assistance.

While patrolling downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma, Officer Brandon Hendrix couldn’t help but take notice of a woman walking down the sidewalk. Though he was accustomed to seeing homeless people in his area near the shelter, this particular individual piqued his curiosity.

As the officer patrolled down the hot sidewalk, he noticed that a woman was walking barefoot – an obviously uncomfortable situation. Even though it wasn’t part of his job, he decided to take action and help her out; so he approached her with an offer to take her shopping for a new pair of shoes.

Initially, she was doubtful and hesitant, doubting that Hendrix wasn’t lying to her. She suspected he had ulterior motives and wanted nothing more than to take her into custody; but eventually, with much reluctance, she gave in and agreed to go along with him.

Together, Hendrix, another officer, and the homeless woman traveled to Walmart. The two officers stayed clear of her so that no one would misconstrue her as a prisoner; nonetheless, he told the destitute woman to select whichever pair of shoes she desired.

The woman selected a pair of shoes that perfectly complemented her dress, and Hendrix paid for them with his credit card plus an extra pair of socks. Unfortunately, he does not recall the cost of these shoes but if given another chance, he would have provided her with something more luxurious. He stated that it was still early in the day and Walmart was his only option for purchasing shoes, but he “wanted to take her to a nicer store.”

Touched by the random act of kindness, another officer snapped a photo when Hendrix was paying for the shoes at a self-checkout register. The Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office later posted this picture on Twitter and it quickly spread across the local community like wildfire!

Hendrix was too humble to draw attention with his name in the tweet, but he made sure to spread generosity by buying someone shoes and providing them with a joyful surprise. He said, “It’s not like it’s a big deal. It’s just a pair of shoes.” He continued, “I would hope that someone would do the same for someone in my family who needed something.”

Speaking to CBS News, Casey Roebuck, the Director of Public Information for Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office remarked “Nobody goes into law enforcement to make a lot of money and resources are usually tight, so, we’re very proud that he did this for her.”

How does this police officer’s act of kindness make you feel?