Our wonderful story takes place on Majuli island, located inside the sizable Brahmaputra river in India.

The main character is a kind gentleman by the name of Jadav Payeng, who happens to be obsessed with trees and nature.

Mr. Payeng has seen a lot of environmental changes go on for the last few decades and was heartbroken that the area he grew up in had become a sad, barren wasteland, with few trees and greenery left.

Unfortunately, when progress in a community takes place, many trees are cut down and used for numerous purposes. The environment suffers, and Mr. Payeng decided to take back his homeland with a most natural, unselfish approach.

Mr. Payeng, fondly called “Forest Man,” has been planting trees, many of them, one a day for almost 40 years in his grove.

Friends thought he was foolish, but he knew better, and today, a beautiful rain forest exists, where many elephant, deer and tigers like to roam freely in nature’s habitat, the way it’s intended to be.

Mr. Payeng believes in global warming and in teaching our young to respect nature and learn to plant things, rather then always cutting them down and destroying the environment.

Mr. Payeng has young sons of his own and believes his boys will pick up where their father left off, when their patriarch is no longer alive. Even National Geographic on Facebook is inspired by this intelligent and compassionate man from India.

See him in action here on YouTube.