The owner of a Long Island, New York pizzeria shop owner, Guy Caligiuri, has had to speak out after him and his shop was attempted to be canceled after a female customer came into his shop and seen that there was a Trump flag in the back of his store. The woman had walked into his shop and seen the flag and was instantly offended after one of the employees adamantly said that it was the owners, not thinking anything of the situation. The woman had stated that the flag had offended her and that she was an admin on a specific Facebook page and that she was going to post about the current encounter with the complete purpose of wanting to put the pizza shop out of business.

Caligiuri noted that he has been in the business for more than 43 years and that he has seen a lot, but when the woman had said this that he didn’t pay her any mind and simply ignored her threat to shut down him or his business. However, then he started receiving calls from friends and family about how there were posts going around talking bad about him and his business. To find out the woman was making harsh statements and telling the Long Island community to boycott Guy Caligiuri’s pizza shop. Although there were many people that had supported this woman and her thoughts, Guy was surprised to find out that there were many Long Island residents that had come to support him and his pizza shop. There were people that believed that he should be able to support whatever he wants in his own store without any consequences. Many supported the president and the flag that was hanging in the back of the store.

Guy Caligiuri said that he though that the president was wonderful and that he has been doing a fine job. He also states that he thinks that he should have the right to support the president and show his support without any issues. But, this woman came and took it upon herself to judge him and ridicule him and his business without knowing Caligiuri or his family but took it upon herself to try and put him out of business.

Guy has also stated that he highly appreciates the support from his community which backed him up, and he had received tons of phones call from all over the country telling him that they completely supported him and that the woman had no right to treat him the way she did. President Trump had seen the situation and completely supported Guy Caligiuri and his pizza shop and let the people know that the shop was completely Trump-approved.