Recently, Nancy Pelosi, the House Speaker, amazed the world and Americans when she revealed that she could afford expensive Ice Cream as most Americans Struggled to meet the basic needs. Newt Gingrich was the first person to attack Nancy Pelosi over her revelation. It is in the record that Pelosi likes ice cream, as he had said it several times. However, Americans were amazed that instead of saying how the government intends to help Americans during these struggling times, she came out to boast about her ice cream as she appeared on James Corden’s “Late Night Show.”

Critics think that Pelosi is not fit to serve the Americans. Most Americans are struggling to afford basics needs, such as food and rent. Therefore, it is an insult for Pelosi to portray her expensive taste instead of helping Americans. It should be remembered that she has never been interested in assisting the state governments and hospitals in getting additional funds. Americans believe that these institutions are in dire need of assistance even more than diverting more cash in the pockets of workers. Pelosi has always opposed this.

Newt Gingrich seemed to criticize and oppose Pelosi’s behavior, terming it the “most deaf thing” a speaker of the house can do. However, Newt Gingrich didn’t suggest that Pelosi should be assisting Americans with her wealth. In fact, he is twice as wealthy as Pelosi. He only pointed out that this is not what the Americans wanted to hear during this period. He criticized Pelosi’s stash of ice cream when he appeared on Fox and Friends last Monday.

However, during the James Corden’s show, she didn’t really appear like she was boasting. Any keen person would note that she was responding to the question of whether her health habits have changed during the quarantine. At this time, she admitted that her health habits have changed but towards the ice creams since she has always liked them. She even admitted that she has been feeling stressed during the quarantine. It is for this reason that she resulted in eating more ice creams and her favorite candies. She thinks that the stress is giving her increased appetite as she is eating more than possible.

At this point, Nancy turned to her freezer drawer sand portrayed her several pints of Jeni’s ice cream. Everyone knows that this is the most expensive Brand of the ice creams. Perhaps, this made Americans wonder about her intention of Brand showing such luxuries at this time when most Americans are struggling to make ends meet. Gingrich responded to “her show off,” he pointed out that a single pint of the stuff does not sell for anything less than $12. Pelosi had claimed that she also has an “emergency chocolate stash” in her freezer. In fact, the freezer had six-packs of this stuff. Gingrich estimated that they had cost her approximately $68.

Jeni’s Brand of ice cream products were not the only luxuries in Nancy’s freezer. She also had Talenti and Dove brand products. Pelosi said that you couldn’t miss any of that brand product in her freezer during this quarantine period. Perhaps she was only genuine with the questions asked during the show, but most Americans felt that this was not what they expected from the house’s speaker.