If you’ve ever seen a pit bull, then you know that this is a type of dog that can get quite large in size. On the other hand, a Dachshund tends to be a bit smaller with legs that are usually short and a body that is often elongated. Size didn’t stop a Dachshund and a pit bull from making beautiful music together and becoming best friends. Soon after the pair started spending time together, the Dachshund was pregnant. This was quite a shock to the owners of the dogs because of the size difference. When the Dachshund had her puppies, they looked nothing like anyone had seen before. Some people thought that they looked like they were from another planet. Rami is one of the Dachshund’s puppies. Its picture has been viewed on social media sites hundreds of times with many people offering to adopt the cute dog.

When you look at the puppy, it clearly has the face of a pit bull with an aggressive appearance. However, the puppy’s body is the size of its mother. The small dog tries to show that it’s bigger than what it really is, but with its tiny body, the effort just isn’t seen as anything but a display of cuteness. The reason the puppy looks so different is that a pit bull and a Dachshund are so different in their demeanors, their bone structure, and their sizes. The Dachshund’s owner thought that the puppies might look a little odd, but no one expected that Rami would have the cute look that he has considering his father is a pit bull.

At a year old, Rami is only about 25 pounds. This is only about a quarter of the size of some pit bulls. Unfortunately, he needs a family. Rami is at the Moultrie Colquitt County Humane Society so that he can receive the love and care that he needs until he is adopted. The Georgia office has put pictures online so that potential adopters can see what he looks like before completing an application. Because of Rami’s popularity, the office is being careful about who adopts him as they want the dog to have the best home possible. Although Rami is a sweet dog and enjoys giving attention, he does have a lot of energy. The dog needs a home with a family that has the time and attention that he needs so that he can thrive.

The energy that he displays is likely due to him being part pit bull. After the dog is adopted, he will likely still have quite the following on social media sites, which is something that his new owner needs to keep in mind. If the owner chooses, various types of products with Rami’s face on them could be sold online. Since Rami does look so different from other dogs, the Humane Society fears that he could end up with a family that will turn him into a freak show and put him at the center of attention but not in the way that he deserves. This is why the Humane Society is carefully looking at potential adopters so carefully in order to send the dog to the best home.