Sergio Calderón, the acclaimed actor known for his unforgettable roles in “Men In Black” and “Pirates of the Caribbean 3,” has passed away at the age of 77. On Wednesday, the industry mourned the loss of this talented individual due to natural causes.

Calderón’s most iconic moment on the big screen came in the opening scene of the 1997 sci-fi comedy “Men In Black,” where he portrayed the head on the stick. His portrayal of this peculiar character left a lasting impression on audiences worldwide.

A decade later, Calderón showcased his versatility by joining the cast of “Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World’s End” as the pirate lord Eduardo Villanueva. This action-packed film turned out to be the highest-grossing movie of 2007, further solidifying Calderón’s contribution to the entertainment industry.

Spanning over five decades, Calderón’s acting career showcased his immense talent and dedication. Prior to his notable appearances in “Men In Black” and “Pirates of the Caribbean 3,” he made his mark in films like “The Bridge in the Jungle” (1971) and “Under the Volcano” (1984), alongside renowned actors such as John Huston and Albert Finney.

Television viewers also cherished Calderón’s presence on the small screen. He portrayed multiple characters in the popular NBC series “The A-Team” during the same period.

While his on-screen performances garnered both admiration and criticism, Calderón embraced the complexities of his roles. In a recent interview with the LA Times, he expressed his love for playing characters that evoked strong emotions from the audience. To him, the ability to make people hate his character meant he had succeeded in his performance.

Beyond the spotlight, Calderón cherished the recognition he received from fans. As he put it, if he could make people laugh and cry through his acting, then he considered himself a good actor. His contributions to the industry will be remembered and celebrated by many.

Sergio Calderón is survived by his wife, Karen Dakin, his children Patrick Calderón-Dakin and Johanna Calderón-Dakin, his son-in-law Raaj, and his grandchildren Krishnaavi, Emiliano, and Victoria. The entertainment world mourns the loss of a remarkable talent whose legacy will live on in the hearts of those who appreciated his work.