Traveling is a routine part of many people’s lives. Some people travel for business, others leisurely, or with family. Depending on who you ask, someone may be in a hotel all the time to as few as 2-3 times a year or less. The hotel is like your home away from home regarding of the reason you are staying there. Trying to make yourself at home can be a huge challenge for many people. Several common issues include trying to sleep, doing the laundry, and handling children. Anyone could simply relay on the expensive hotel services to solve their issues, but that can be expensive. Instead, the items already in your room can be turned into several life hacks to make your trip more comfortable without spending the extra money.

Starting at the top with one of the most important necessities, the internet. It’s no secret that hotel internet is bad to half decent at best, but did you know most modern cell phones can be used as a hotspot.

The phone itself is also a critical part of someone’s trip. Just look for a USB port on the TV if you need a spot to recharge your device.

The next tip involves the clothes pins you may find in your luggage. Use those to elevate your toothbrush to keep it safe from germs. When it comes to laundry, there’s a simple solution. Put a plastic bad in the sink and make sure its held down securely with something like a coin, then wash to your hearts content. A fabric softener sheet is also a great way to lower bad smells on your clothes. These life hacks are great for everyone, however there’s even more options for specific issues.

Depending on the circumstances and where you traveled to, you may have a little child with you. It can be hard to figure out a clean solution to change their diaper, but its actual quite simple. Just convert the desk into a changing station, and don’t forget to cleanly dispose of the soiled diaper. The hotel laundry bags are an effective solution to that issue. In the hotel room itself, placing a towel at the bottom of the door will help keep out any light or noise from the hallway. If light from the outdoors is affecting you, then simply use the clothes hangers to close off any open spots. Lastly, the ironing board can double as an eating table for yourself or children. Using these tips will no doubt make your next trip so much more bearable. Whether you are going for business, leisure, with family, or solo, the items already in your room can be used in unique ways to make you feel more at home.