Alexandria Ocasio Cortez appeared on The View recently and has since been getting criticized for her outfit choice. The main criticisms of this political congresswoman’s appearance on a popular television show were not about her political statements or her political views. The criticisms were all related to her dress. Critics, like Erica Nurnberg, pointed out that the dress Alexandria Ocasio Cortez chose to wear was 580 dollars.

This may not seem like a lot of money for a politician, however, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is supposed to represent the views and the lives of a socialist. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez responded to her critics by stating that she does not pay full price for her clothes. Instead, she shops like most Americans and buys her clothes off the sales rack. If she is not purchasing her clothes on the sales rack she is helping conserve the environment by borrowing her clothes or purchasing them at a thrift shop. She believes that she is only being criticized because of how good she looked wearing the leopard sequin dress.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is a well known and famous congresswoman who represents the beliefs of the Socialist party. She was the youngest woman to ever be sworn into Congress. Her victory was unexpected because of her radical views and young age. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is a member of the Democratic Socialists of America and identifies as a democratic socialist. She is only 29 years old and won the election to become a congresswoman of New York.

As a native of New York, she has stuck true to her hometown and sworn to help solve the problems in the cities that she grew up in. She is working in Congress to help change the lives of her fellow neighbors and her followers. She has many opinions that people either love or hate. Her followers love everything about her, while the opposing parties cannot stand her beliefs and criticize the things she has to say, and the things that she wears.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez has many beliefs about giving Americans everything that they need. She believes strongly in universal health care and that everyone in America should get a medical, vision, dental, and mental health insurance. She also strongly believes in fully funded universities and public schools. She believes that everyone should get to go to school for free, rather than having to pay off your debts with school loans. Another belief that helped her win the election in 2018 was her belief in a universal job guarantee.

As part of this guarantee, she believes everyone is entitled to a fifteen dollar minimum wage in addition to healthcare and paid child and sick leave. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez also believes in housing as a human right. She thinks that all people should have access to housing and that all people, even the homeless, should have houses. Since Alexandria Ocasio Cortez has many beliefs about giving everyone the things that they want or need to live, many conservatives were criticizing her expensive dress choice on The View. Her critics believe that she does not live the lifestyle of the people that she represents. If she has the money to afford a 580 dollar dress she should be giving her money to those that need it, rather than purchasing an expensive outfit.