There is no vegetable that is more versatile than the onion. There are many different varieties and can be consumed in a variety of different ways and show up in thousands of different recipes around the world. Because this vegetable is so popular and found in most kitchens, we wanted to provide you with some pointers to using your onions appropriately.

First of all, you can keep your onions (as well as garlic) fresh for about two months if you place them in a paper bag and punch holes in it before you close it with clip. Place them in your pantry but keep them away from potatoes as they will make your onions sprout. While keeping the onions fresh is important, cutting them is the biggest thing that most people struggle with. Place a stainless steel hair pick in the onion and use it as a guide for your knife for more precise knife cuts.

Finally, you can easily use onion skins for soup stock. They provide a huge amount of flavor as the base and help to give your soup the brown color that looks so savory.

You can also use dried onion skins to create delicious home bread by replacing 5% of your flour with dried onion. Runners will also use onion skins, cook in water for twenty minutes at a low temperature, to reduce the chances of cramps after running.

Onions are truly the most versatile vegetable in your kitchen and will help to flavor your food and your life if you use them correctly!