Chelsea Clinton has spent years in the public eye. She was first presented to the public when her father, Bill Clinton was the President of the United States of America. Chelsea is the only child of the former president, which has led to her living a lot of her life underneath a microscope. However, the attention of the public did not stop when her father left office. Just a few years later her mother ran for president.

This brought the attention right back to her.

She has had a great education as a graduate of Columbia, Oxford, and Stanford. To start out her career, she began working at Avenue Capital Group which is an investment firm, as well as McKinsey and Company which is a management consulting firm. Chelsea has also written a couple of children’s books. She even was a co-author of a book that Hillary Clinton and she wrote together.

Even though she stays to herself, she is still being watched carefully by the public. One thing that people are not very happy with would be how much Chelsea Clinton is making as a salary.

In 2011, Chelsea Clinton was able to earn a spot on the board of an internet investment firm. A report that was released stated that this board was operated by one of her mother’s friends. This report that became public also stated that Chelsea earned approximately nine million dollars from the work she did on this board since the year 2011.

The Barron Financial publication reports are the ones that released all of this information about Chelsea and her earnings. They say that Chelsea started to work on the InterActiveCorp’s/IAC board in 2011. When she began working here, she received a 50,000 dollar retainer that she received annually.

However, that is not all of the money that she received. She also got 250,000 dollars worth of restricted IAC stock units. These stocks have been surging since 2017. That is because IAC has ownership stakes in multiple large companies like Vimeo, Tinder, and HomeAdvisor. This is what really boosted Chelsea’s net worth. As of last month, Chelsea owner nearly nine million dollars worth of stock.

Chelsea has always worked hard and had a salary that matched her work ethic. In the years 2013 and 2014, she made over half a million dollars a year by working as a special correspondent for NBC News.

In March of 2017, she joined the board of Expedia Group. While she was here she earned an estimated amount of a quarter of a million dollars. One person that is in charge of the Expedia Group’s board would be Barry Diler. Diller is one of Hillary Clinton’s most notable donors. It is no wonder that Chelsea is able to get the prestigious jobs with all of her connections that her family has.

As a 39-year-old woman, Chelsea Clinton has made more money than most average Americans will make in their entire life. This is one of the biggest reasons that people are shocked at how much this seemingly average woman is worth.