Our President seems to really enjoy going out to grab a hamburger from McDonald’s instead of some of the more local mom and pop hamburger shops around Washington D.C. This was great until now when a recent incident happened that could very well pressure him to change up his diet and eat somewhere else for his hamburger and fries. A few weeks ago, we got the news that there was a McDonald’s employee who did something horrendous to the police officer’s hamburger bun.

The employee was named Tatyana Hargrove, age 21. For unknown reasons, Miss Hargrove took a hamburger bun and rubbed it on the unclean floor in the kitchen of the McDonald’s that she worked at. After rubbing it on the floor, she picked it up and spit on it, then handed it over to the police officer with a smug smile on her face, knowing full well the full extent of what she had just done.

This is not the first time Hargrove has found herself in court and lost. Before this incident occurred, she had lost a civil rights case against the Bakersfield Police Department which investigators believe to be the reason she was so angry and decided to take her anger out by tampering with the food of the first police officer that she encountered that came into her McDonald’s of employment to get a simple hamburger.

For obvious reasons, the hamburger chain fired her immediately, and on top of losing her job Hargrove is now faced with a felony charge of tampering with food, the food of a police officer specifically. She was required to go to court on March 23, 2020 and anser for her crimes. Unfortunately for her, her misdemeanor battery charged that she was going to have to face was dismissed completely so that the prosecutors could pursure this more serious crime and charge her to the full extent of the law and ensure that she would be punished like she deserved to be.

This incident where Hargrove decided to rub a hamburger bun on the floor of a McDonald’s kitchen happened in West Bakersfield on November 15, 2019, only a few days before Thanksgiving was going to come.

Multiple people witnessed her rub the bun on the ground; once she did this, the reports stated that she then picked the hamburger bun up, spit on it, looked at the colleagues gathered around her, and shouted “Black Lives Matter, F*** the Pigs!”

After Hargrove went to court over the matter, Deputy Carly Snow who was the officer in question, said that she believes that Hargrove also tainted the burger that was going into the burger bun. She stated that Hargrove intentionally tainted the hamburger bun with full knowledge and intent that it would be eaten by a uniformed police officer.

The cop had come through the drive-thru and was in full uniform, so it was completely obvious that he was a cop. It was not too hard for Hargrove to figure out that the food she was preparing was going to a cop, and she took that as an opportunity to react in anger and do what investigators believe to have been an act of revenge or hate crime in attempts to get her point across.

The police officer was unaware at the time of what happened to her burger and devoured her meal, thankfully not getting sick afterward. Surveillance footage backs up all of the allegations and Hargrove faces some pretty serious consequences.