The question of whether parents should throw grand birthday parties for their young children sparks varying opinions. While some believe that lavish celebrations are a splendid way to cherish life and unite families on a special occasion, others argue that the young ones might not remember these events, depending on their age. However, an Australian couple has recently faced significant criticism after organizing a wedding-like extravaganza to commemorate their one-year-old daughter’s birthday.

Critics argue that it was an unnecessary expense for the couple to throw such an elaborate party for their daughter, Kaira, who, at her age, may not recall the celebration beyond the images and videos captured. Nevertheless, the parents wanted to create lasting memories for their entire family, including themselves, and deemed the occasion worthy of extravagance.

For Kaira’s first birthday, the parents adorned the venue with magnificent balloon arches, enlisted professional belly dancers to entertain the guests, and even arranged for a mini car for the toddler to enjoy during the festivities. In addition, they hired a pyrotechnics expert and numerous other performers to ensure that the occasion was as special as could be.

Attendees at the party were treated to a sumptuous feast, indulging in a three-tiered cake meticulously crafted by a professional baker. The venue was adorned with luxurious floral arrangements, and guests had the opportunity to ignite sparklers while belly dancers entertained. A photo booth was set up for guests to capture enjoyable moments and create lasting memories.

To add to the grandeur, the parents themselves donned wedding-like attire. The mother wore a stunning, floor-length white gown inspired by bridal fashion, while the father opted for a dashing three-piece suit to mark the significance of their daughter’s first birthday.

Despite the parents’ intentions to make the occasion unforgettable, critics argue that the party, held in Sydney, Australia, was excessive for a one-year-old. Some even accused the parents of prioritizing themselves rather than considering what would be best for their daughter, Kaira.

Interestingly, the party was organized by Paradiso Receptions, a company primarily focused on planning and catering weddings. However, they went above and beyond to make the first birthday celebration truly remarkable. Unfortunately, when they shared a video of the event on their TikTok account, it received backlash from individuals who felt the celebration was too extravagant for a one-year-old.

Commenting on the video, one person wrote, “At this point, it’s your birthday.” Another critic expressed, “This is ten times bigger than my wedding will be.” Yet another commenter remarked, “This isn’t a birthday; it’s a whole wedding.”

While TikTok was filled with critics, there were also many supporters who praised the parents for throwing such an extravagant party for their baby daughter. One person empathized, saying, “It’s probably their first child, and they’re excited to see her grow up, wanting to provide her with a memorable childhood.” Another comment simply exclaimed, “Wow, to be rich!” Similarly, another person expressed, “If I were this wealthy, I would make every special occasion like this.” A heartfelt supporter wrote, “I’m glad she has parents like you guys. May she grow up blessed with good health and wealth, just like you.”