In a heart-wrenching saga of misguided convictions and catastrophic outcomes, a father known for his lifestyle blog has confessed to the unthinkable crime of starving his newborn son to death, all in a desperate attempt to validate an outrageous belief: that the infant could thrive solely on sunlight. This tale of misguided zeal led to the tragic demise of Kosmos, a less-than-one-month-old baby, who tragically fell victim to pneumonia and starvation. Maxim Lyutyi, 44, and his partner Oxana Mironova, 34, are now facing the grim reality of justice for their grievous neglect.

Lyutyi, hailing from Russia, now stands on the precipice of a potential eight-year prison sentence, accompanied by a hefty fine, for the deliberate infliction of severe bodily harm. The weight of his actions became painfully clear during his final courtroom appearance in Sochi, where he finally admitted his guilt. Initially, he attempted to shift the blame onto Mironova, who has already received a two-year sentence of correctional labor.

The root of Lyutyi’s obsession lies in his extreme lifestyle choices, marked by radical dietary regimens centered around raw foods. His fervent advocacy for prana-eating, a practice advocating sustained existence solely through sunlight, culminated tragically in his refusal to allow Mironova to breastfeed their child, imposing his radical beliefs upon her.

An informant disclosed, “He wanted to subject the child to an experiment, solely feeding him with sunlight, and then propagate it as a viable method to others.” This fanaticism extended beyond dietary preferences, with Mironova’s mother, Galina, accusing Lyutyi of orchestrating a “sect,” exercising coercive dominance over her daughter.

Relatives painted a picture of Mironova’s anguish, describing her desperate attempts to nourish her baby in defiance of Lyutyi’s oppressive dictates. Olesya Nikolayeva, Mironova’s cousin, lamented, “He compelled her to abstain from feeding the baby. Her partner believed sunlight could suffice for the baby… How absurd to think sunlight alone could nourish an infant! A child needs his mother’s milk.”

The extent of Lyutyi’s delusion became tragically apparent as baby Kosmos wasted away without proper sustenance. Despite belated medical intervention, the effects of severe malnutrition proved irreversible.

Oxana’s mother shared her despair, recounting her futile endeavors to aid her daughter financially while witnessing the unfolding tragedy. “He forbade her from feeding the child… She clandestinely purchased baby food,” she disclosed, underscoring Lyutyi’s insidious control over Mironova’s actions.

In a courtroom scene reminiscent of a chilling drama, Lyutyi, once an advocate for extreme lifestyles, now finds himself confined within bars, facing the repercussions of his ill-founded beliefs. Meanwhile, Mironova, convicted of complicity in her child’s demise, grapples with her own penance.

The grim saga of Maxim Lyutyi and Oxana Mironova serves as a stark admonition against the perils of fanaticism and the dire consequences of neglecting a vulnerable child’s most basic needs. As the gavel falls in judgment, the memory of baby Kosmos lingers as a somber testament to the toll exacted by misguided convictions.