In a rapidly changing world, college students often find themselves far away from the comforting embrace of their parents. But one innovative service, the Concierge Service for Students (CSS), offers a solution that’s been providing invaluable support for nearly three decades.

Founded by Tammy Kumin, a seasoned mother and grandmother hailing from Boston, Massachusetts, CSS has gained recognition as a true lifeline for college students. The service, often affectionately referred to as “rent-a-mom,” extends a caring hand to students attending pre-boarding schools, boarding schools, and colleges, whether they’re from the United States or abroad.

With an academic school year fee of $10,000, parents can rest assured that their sons and daughters are in capable hands. CSS offers a comprehensive support system that includes everything from regular food deliveries and academic assistance to beauty and spa appointments, assistance with dinner reservations, and even help with gym memberships. Students can count on CSS for services as diverse as apartment hunting, furniture assembly, party planning, doctor referrals, and support with banking and bill payments.

The heart of CSS lies in its team of dedicated “moms.” These compassionate individuals share the responsibility of ensuring that students’ needs are met 24/7, bridging the gap when parents are thousands of miles away. For students feeling homesick or in need of basic assistance like grocery shopping and laundry services, CSS dispatches their trusted local “errand runners” to provide immediate help.

But CSS’s real strength lies in its readiness to tackle more significant challenges, such as health issues or legal matters. Tammy Kumin herself has been known to spring into action, ensuring that students receive the care and support they need when it matters most. It’s a level of dedication that truly sets CSS apart.

Critics may question whether such a service fosters self-sufficiency in students, but Kumin is quick to dispel those concerns. CSS doesn’t aim to replace parents but to offer a genuine extension of maternal love and care. It’s about being there for students when they need it most, providing a safety net that enables them to focus on their studies and personal growth.

One CSS client, Salman, who moved from Saudi Arabia to the United States at the age of 16 to attend Tilton boarding school in New Hampshire, can attest to the difference CSS made in his life. Over ten years, he utilized CSS’s services while navigating high school, college, and post-graduate studies. He even confided in Tammy Kumin during a medical emergency, highlighting the trust and bond that had developed.

Alexander Hochberg, a high school senior, and his mother Jacqui, from New York City, share Salman’s sentiment. The support offered by CSS’s dedicated team allowed Alexander and his brother to adjust to life away from home with ease. Kumin’s presence during Jewish holidays, when family was miles away, created a sense of belonging that extended far beyond the scope of typical student services.

For Tammy Kumin and her team, CSS isn’t just a business; it’s a lifelong commitment. While some students may eventually outgrow the need for CSS’s services, the bonds formed remain intact. Kumin continues to be a part of her former clients’ lives, attending their events, visiting their schools, and offering unwavering support.

In a world where students often face challenges far from the comforts of home, CSS is a shining example of compassion and care. Its impact on the lives of students like Salman and Alexander Hochberg is immeasurable. Rather than stifling independence, CSS empowers students to thrive, knowing that they have a support system they can rely on.

So, while some may question the role of a “rent-a-mom” service, CSS is proving that it’s more than just a convenience—it’s a lifeline for college students in need. In Tammy Kumin’s own words, CSS provides “peace of mind” to students and their families, ensuring that they never feel alone on their educational journey.