A five-year-old’s birthday celebration video has quickly gone viral on social media. This video has gone viral because the parents decided to take their child to Hooters for his fifth birthday celebration. To say that the boy, Xander, was delighted would be an understatement – he nearly couldn’t contain himself when scantily clad women started bringing him everything he wanted for his birthday. They even brought out a cake with candles on it and helped him blow them out in front of all the other sexy servers at Hooters.

Darby Allison, the boy’s mother, took to social media to share the Hooters’ birthday celebration with her friends and followers. More than seven million people have watched the video of Darby taking her son to Hooters for his birthday. While some viewers are aghast, many others react with amazement that Darby would expose her son to women wearing suggestive clothing and lots of cleavages.

Mom’s viral video was captioned, “Shouldn’t have told them it was your birthday, buddy.”

Once the sexy servers learned that the family had come to Hooters for his fifth birthday, they started giving him lots of attention. The servers gave him a cone-shaped cup and told him to bite down on it so he would look like the Hooters’ mascot, the owl. The birthday boy’s friends not only brought him several dishes to celebrate, but they also serenaded him loudly with ‘Happy Birthday.’ The girls told the birthday boy to flap his wings while they played and sang.

One waitress said, “Attention, Hooters! This is my best friend, Xander. He’s turning five years old. Can I get a round of applause?”

Other customers clap for the five-year-old boy’s birthday as his parents off camera can be heard chuckling. They knew what they were doing was rather controversial, so they made sure to keep their faces hidden from sight. The Hooters waitresses serenade the birthday boy with “Happy Birthday” as he flaps his arms energetically and grins from ear to ear.

The mom’s decision to take her son to Hooters for his birthday was met with online criticism from many people.

One person said, “who brings a child to Hooters? I’m not American, and I really don’t understand the whole Hooters thing.”

Another person stated, “Bro he’s five. What’s he doing in Hooters? Great mum and dad.”

The family’s choice of restaurants was not well-received by other people.

“So you took him to a ti ty restaurant? So much for protecting the children,” one person said.

Even though many people disapproved of my parents taking me to a restaurant where the waitresses show more skin, some people were supportive.

“Former Hooters girl, here. This is so cute!!,” one person said.

“I’m doing the same with my son!! So cute,” another added.

What’s your opinion on this boy’s birthday party being at Hooters?

Mom’s viral video was captioned, “Shouldn’t have told them it was your birthday, buddy.”