In a bold and somewhat contentious move, Turkish airline Corendon has sent shockwaves through the aviation industry by announcing the introduction of “Only Adult” sections on its flights, effectively barring children from these designated areas. This daring decision has ignited a spirited debate, with travelers divided between embracing the prospect of a serene journey and questioning its practicality.

Beginning November 3, 2023, Corendon will offer adult passengers the enticing opportunity to occupy these child-free sanctuaries on their A350 flights, which ply the skies between the bustling hub of Amsterdam and the idyllic Dutch Caribbean island of Curacao. For a supplementary fee ranging from £38 to £105, passengers can immerse themselves in what Corendon tantalizingly describes as a “serene and tranquil flight” within these secluded confines.

The “Only Adult” section is a haven comprising 102 seats, encompassing 93 standard seats and an exclusive selection of nine extra-legroom “XL” seats, all cocooned away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the cabin by protective walls and discreet curtains. Corendon’s reasoning for crafting these zones is to cultivate a “protected environment” that contributes to an altogether more peaceful and relaxed flying experience for discerning adult passengers.

Securing a seat in the adult-only domain comes with prerequisites; passengers must be a minimum of 16 years old, and the cost fluctuates between 45 euros (£38/$48) for standard seating and 100 euros (£85/$107) for the coveted XL seats. Beyond gratifying the travelers in search of tranquility, Corendon also believes this move will alleviate concerns for parents traveling with energetic little ones, allowing them to revel in the flight without fretting over potential disruptions from their offspring.

Atilay Uslu, the visionary founder of Corendon, elaborated on the inspiration behind this audacious initiative, stating, “On our flights, we consistently strive to cater to the diverse needs of our esteemed customers. As the first Dutch airline to pioneer the ‘Only Adult’ zone, we aim to provide travelers with an added layer of serenity during their flight experience. Moreover, we genuinely believe this can positively impact parents traveling with young children, granting them the freedom to enjoy their journey without apprehension about their children causing a commotion.”

The revelation of Corendon’s “Only Adult” zones has sparked a spirited conversation across social media platforms. Enthusiastic travelers have voiced their willingness to pay a premium for the privilege of an entirely child-free flight, drawing parallels with adult-only resorts, parties, and weddings as precedents for such a concept.

“I would unquestionably pay extra to fly on adult-only flights,” one enthusiastic Twitter user exclaimed.

Another Twitterati chimed in, asserting, “Given that we have adult-only resorts, parties, and weddings, the idea of adult-only flights is a logical progression.”

However, amid the clamor of excitement, concerns have emerged about the practicality of crafting a genuinely peaceful section within the confines of an aircraft, where the piercing wail of a crying baby can potentially permeate throughout the entire cabin.

One astute Twitter user quipped, “The notion of a ‘quiet’ section on an airplane is somewhat fanciful. A screaming baby’s cries can pierce through the sturdiest of walls.”

Corendon is not the first airline to offer passengers the option of child-free travel. Scoot, a low-cost subsidiary of Singapore Airlines, blazed the trail by introducing “ScootinSilence” seats on its flights, reserving this haven for those aged 12 and above. Japan Airlines has also recognized the demand by incorporating a feature into its booking system that indicates which seats on the plane will be occupied by infants up to the age of two.

In summation, Corendon’s audacious move to usher in “Only Adult” zones on its flights has ignited a spirited discourse about the merits and feasibility of such exclusive segments. While a considerable number of travelers warmly embrace the idea of a tranquil voyage, skeptics question the practicality of maintaining a genuinely noise-free environment on a bustling aircraft. Corendon, true to its commitment to diverse passenger needs, offers options for those seeking serenity while still acknowledging the importance of inclusivity and empathy among all passengers, regardless of age. The aviation industry will undoubtedly keep a watchful eye on the evolution of this groundbreaking concept and whether it will set a trend for other airlines to follow suit.