In the world of food storage, one organizing expert is stirring up a delicious debate that’s got everyone talking. Meet Caroline Solomon, also known as ‘Neat Caroline’ on TikTok, a digital sensation hailing from the bustling heart of New York City. With an impressive following of nearly 250,000 devoted followers, Caroline has become a trusted source for lifestyle tips and nifty hacks.

Recently, her star has risen even higher as she took on the contentious issue of what items should never find their way into your refrigerator. Caroline’s TikTok video listing six foods that should stay out of the chill went viral, but it was her stance on one particular pantry staple that had tongues wagging.

Chocolate lovers, brace yourselves, because Caroline’s first decree was to keep that precious cocoa out of the fridge. Despite our natural instinct to save our sweet treats from the sweltering summer heat, Caroline dropped this bombshell: refrigerating chocolate “dulls the flavor and leads to a grainy consistency.” Instead, she offered a simple solution, advising us to store it in a cool, dark, and dry place.

But hold on tight, folks, because the real controversy was yet to come. Caroline ventured into the age-old debate territory when she declared that ketchup doesn’t need to call the fridge home. “You can totally keep the bottle in the fridge, but it’s entirely safe to keep it in your cupboard as well,” she boldly stated. Well, that’s one spicy statement that got the ketchup lovers talking.

Moving on, Caroline shared her wisdom about garlic bulbs, urging us to keep them in a cool, dry place, as refrigeration makes them rubbery. Then came her take on olive oil, a kitchen staple for many. She warned that olive oil can turn solid and crystallize if left in the fridge for too long.

And who could forget basil, that fragrant herb that elevates so many dishes? Caroline insisted that basil is at its best when left at room temperature, stems dipped in water for freshness. In a practical demonstration, she swapped basil for other herbs, but the point was clear – basil belongs outside the fridge.

Last but certainly not least, Caroline dished out a pastry revelation. For all the Danish and muffin enthusiasts out there, she advised keeping these delights at room temperature for optimal taste. No need to refrigerate those scrumptious treats.

Caroline’s TikTok video, packed with these food storage nuggets of wisdom, quickly captured the hearts of viewers and garnered over a million views since its release on October 18. The comments section turned into a lively battleground, with many food enthusiasts defending their own refrigerator habits.

The ketchup conundrum took center stage, with some staunchly advocating for refrigeration, citing labels that recommend it for preserving flavor. “Ketchup it says for best results keep in fridge. It helps preserve the flavor,” one fervent ketchup defender commented. Others chimed in, asking whether we should simply ignore those labels that advise refrigeration. Heinz, the ketchup giant, even weighed in on the debate, affirming that ‘our ketchup has to be in the fridge.’

But the debate wasn’t limited to just ketchup. People from all corners of the globe shared their own chocolate and sauce storage strategies. A Floridian defiantly exclaimed, “I live in Florida. I’m not leaving chocolate outside of the fridge.” Meanwhile, an Aussie nodded in agreement, saying, “Anyone who has experienced an Australian summer knows you have to refrigerate chocolate and sauce.” And then came the final word from someone in a melting climate: “In my country, chocolate goes in the fridge because it’s literally melt outside.”

As the debate rages on, it’s clear that the world of food storage is as diverse as the global cuisines it encompasses. Caroline Solomon may have ignited the fire, but it’s up to each of us to decide where our favorite foods belong – whether that’s on the fridge shelf or safely tucked away in the pantry. After all, it’s all about savoring the flavors and indulging in those little culinary pleasures that make life so sweet, or tangy, or savory – depending on your fridge philosophy.