On Wednesday morning, Bustami made a phone call to the police that would alter her life forever. The Las Vegas resident called the police and said, “I think I hurt my mommy” because she had killed her mother. 61-year-old Afaf Hussanen was stabbed multiple times with shards of glass. When officers arrived at the home, they found Hussanen on the ground suffering from stab wounds.

On the 911 call, the woman stated “I think I hurt my mommy,” leading dispatchers to believe that she was Hussanen’s mother. A few hours after officers arrived at the house, they located Bustami driving down Interstate 15 close to Barstow, California. The young woman was covered with blood.

According to her confession, Bustami argued with her mother before picking up shards of glass and stabbing her until she was satisfied. The young woman made headlines yet again, this time for trying to avoid paying her tab at a Chili’s restaurant. Back in August, she almost got away with it too – she had made it all the way to Harry Reid Airport in Las Vegas.

Confronted by police officers during the August incident, she was belligerent and drunk. According to her, the only reason for the arrest was “she was being harassed because cops [had] never seen anyone as pretty as her.”

She was booked for misconduct on August 31, 2022.

According to a report made to the police, Bustami had walked out of an airport restaurant without paying. As LVMPD officers found her trying to cross a security checkpoint, she was in a “belligerent” state and causing delays in operations.

As the police took her into custody for dine-and-dashing at Chili’s, she hurled insults their way, calling them “perverts” and accusing them of “trying to rape her because they have never seen anyone as good-looking.”

This isn’t the first time that Bustami has been in hot water with the law. Back in June, she was arrested and charged with battery in Las Vegas. She spent some time in Clark County Jail but was later released on bail.

Police have been called to Bustami’s family home at least twelve times this year, mostly due to “family disturbances.” There was one suicide attempt that fortunately did not succeed.

Andres Moreno stated to 8 News Now that their home was much louder than any of the other homes on the street.

“Usually 10 pm or later, they would just be screaming in the backyard or they’d be fighting,” he stated. “It was usually the older daughter and the mother that would get into it. Of course, shortly after screaming, police presence would be involved and things would get all, you know, settled down. Then a week later, it’d happen again.”

Moreno continued, “She would come outside and literally spin in her driveway, singing songs or talking to herself in her driveway, or she’d just walk up and down the street muttering to herself. I believe she had mental health issues and she did desperately need help and maybe chose not to get it. Or, you know, who am I to say, but there was obviously something going on with her.”