In a Summit Church D.C video, Collin Pace shared how he was told by a doctor that he only had a month left to live at the age of 18.

He stated, “So when I was 16 I lived here in Springfield, Virginia, going to Lake Braddock High School. Started to get sick, you know, thought it was the flu, thought it was colds, just constantly having problems.”

For the next two years, Pace was “constantly back and forth in and out of hospitals.” He had also gone through “several different procedures” and “exploratory surgeries chasing down the symptoms.”

He continued, “I would have lots of issues from breathing where my heart would race and then it would bottom out and actually get extremely slow. Basically living in a day-to-day pain cycle.”

Pace’s doctor delivered tragic news after Pace met with him and underwent additional tests and procedures. The doctor diagnosed Pace with “Stage four CS” and told him that “it had already metastasized at this point.”

On the day of his doctor’s appointment, Pace discovered that it was also his birthday. Rather than going out to celebrate, he and his family went to Johns Hopkins Hospital. After receiving the test results, the doctor informed them “there was nothing that they could do.”

He said “at this point you have about 30 days. You can make your own choice, you can choose to stay here in the hospital, or you can go home and we’ll give you any medicine you want to make you as comfortable as you can be.”

He added, “I decided that if this was going to be how it was that I want to take one more family trip. So our church was actually going to Israel that February and about a week into the trip is when we go to the Jordan River and at this point, I’m feeling just so exhausted, but I already made up in my mind, and in my spirit that I was going to make it to the river. Pace continued, “My brothers had to carry me to the water because I couldn’t walk, and I could remember knowing that I was gonna go down the water and arise a different person. I could feel it and I knew it. Cancer would be gone the moment I came out of that water.”

Pace finally got his blood work taken care of when he returned to the United States and, much to everyone’s surprise, everything came back negative.

His test results showed that he had no cancer!

He said, “There is no remission. There are no blood levels going down and they’re receding. It was completely clean as if it never existed and from that day forward I could feel my body stronger. I could feel it getting better. So the enemy had worked really hard to clearly stifle me, to hold me back, to take me out, to prevent me from doing all that God had planned for me but I can tell ya, God’s power has the final say. ”

Currently, he and his family play key roles in their church, Summit Church – he leads a small group.