No one wants to be alone when their time comes to leave this world. Family members and friends are usually present if time permits. Even those in hospital settings have someone by their side if there are no family members available. Homeless people, however, are generally alone to the extinct that no one is aware of who their families are. Their final outcome could render them alone when death comes. Police officers in many cities get to know the faces and some of the names of the homeless people in their communities. One officer in Lawrenceville was familiar with the people that she dedicated herself to protecting and serving. Officer Dena Walker Pauly committed herself to serving all of the people in her community, even those who were not taxpayers. Bob was one such person. As he lay dying, Officer Pauly felt it her duty to show this homeless man some kindness and compassion. Bob had befriended this officer, and as he was near death, this law enforcement officer stayed by his side.

In today’s modern world of social media, an image of Officer Dena Pauly and her dedication to Bob found its way circulating on the internet. It had been posted on the Georgia Law Enforcement Facebook page. Bob died on July 16, 2019, but he did not die alone, and the community thanked Officer Dena for giving him her support. Pauly had only met Bob about two years prior when she was dispatched to a local Pawn shop because they were not certain how to handle the man named Bob. The Georgia Law Enforcement posted on their Facebook page that the image of Dena and Bob could appear to be one of a loving granddaughter sharing the moment with her grandfather. They also stated that the officer’s life was changed forever when she met the homeless man. This man had been on his own since he was a child, and had no known family. His life was many sad stories connected by poverty, and the fact that he was lonely. He had a stroke that rendered him non verbal. When they first met, the officer asked him to show her where he lived so that she could help him. She was in horror when she saw his living conditions.

Other law enforcement officers felt that officer Dena was dispatched to the situation with Bob by God. She addressed his situation, and taught him basic self help skills. She occasionally cleaned his apartment, and made sure he had food to eat. She obtained a Power of Attorney for his medical care. After he was in the hospital for a while Officer Pauly made the decision about his hospice care. She became like family to Bob. She would hold his hand, and told him often that she loved him. She did not know if he had ever heard those words uttered to him before. The photo of the two of them depicted the real nature of a law enforcement officer. They go into the profession because they care. They see the worst and the best, and Officer Dena Walker Pauly had the opportunity to make a difference in the life of a homeless man named Bob.