We all lack in one way or another, but some more than others. While others can work to make up for what they don’t have. Others are too helpless to do even that, and it’s up to the society to show love and kindness and give a helping hand. Orphans and vulnerable children are a good example. They are subject to a lot of hurts dreading each day to go by leaving them as onlookers to the love shared between other children and their parents. But is it wrong to have a family?

Don’t they deserve the same loving environment as their peers where their holistic growth and development can occur? How are they expected to thrive into responsible adults than give unconditional love if they have never experienced it before? These are all disturbing questions bugging these defenseless children. Most people’s go to orphanages and oblige to taking care of a child. The purest of love is born into these children, grateful for someone to call their own.

Such is the case of a video making rounds on social media that shows how much happiness a child feels when two parents choose to take her. According to the narrative, the family stayed with the girl for some time, forming bonds with them. Her unusual behavior can make you wonder if she still harbors fears that she might be told to leave. It seems like another casual day when the parents pick her and their son from school. Like other times, the kids expect to be taken home immediately where they can start their homework.

But today was a little different. Unexpectedly, the mother picks out her phone and starts recording the girl. As if on cue, the dad turns to their young expectant faces and makes the announcement: they are finally going to adopt her. With a surprised look on her face, the girl sits upright and asks, ‘’really?’’ the mom giggling, confirms that they are on their way to make it legal at the courthouse.

For a spark of a moment, she disbelieves her almost expectant of them to say it was just a joke. Most definitely a bad one, but of course they do not. Looking at the mom, she asks if it’s all a lie, and the mom reassures her that it’s not. ”Today’s your day!” a statement that means a thousand things to the girl that none of them may have had a clue at the time. A statement that perhaps all children in her position, look forward to hearing. She takes a moment to look at everyone and realizes that she finally had a family.

Her new foster brother giggles and looks outside the window. The boy is thrilled, saying that he expected this to happen a bit later but is excited at the turn of events. The girl sobs in excitement as she now has a gift that could match all others, that of a family. Most of us do not see how lucky we are to have a family. Still, this little girl, like so many others with the same story, will always carry gratitude for her family in her heart.