Having served as a United States President, Barack Obama is fully skilled with knowledge that can help citizens and the world at large. The position as president and all the power that comes with it, enables you to be exposed to a lot of different scenarios and solutions that you’d want to share with other people. In modern society of course, Netflix is one of the best ways to reach a large crowd and share your knowledge with them. The Obama’s America’s Former First Family, have decided to make a deal with Netflix to share their extensive knowledge in the future. The deal with Netflix, a Los Gatos Production Company involves a couple of projects with the family. The project was announced by Higher Ground Productions, which is owned by Former President Barack Obama. Over the years, the Obama family has been well known for their inspiring and good deeds.

Through the partnership with Netflix, a platform with over 192.95 million subscribers, they will be able to captivate a lot of people. The content created will definitely be outstanding as expected, with their reputation they can’t settle for less. The Obama’s will be able to motivate and mentor benevolent individuals who want to change the world by doing good. The former first family will create projects that are suitable for both children and adults as well. They already have some projects that are non-fiction. They’ll also be launching a children’s series and a drama set. The propitious drama film will be focusing on the post era of World War II in New York. The Obama’s value the art of story-telling, this is what led to the creation of Higher Ground Productions to increase story-telling capacity. The main intention of the planned production isn’t just entertainment but also learning. They’ll also cover civil rights, racism, social rights, and democracy. Barack Obama wasn’t able to contain his excitement since he’s certain people will be more connected, be inspired to do better, and also acquire knowledge.

The different projects affiliated with Netflix are all different and can be exciting to different crowds. The following are the projects the family has been able to work on. Fifth Risk is a non-fictional series that’s centered on day-to-day heroes who go unnoticed and the work they do that isn’t recognized. How they do so well in working for the nation to continuously make it great. It is based on a Michael Lewis book. American Factory is a given success considering it was directed by Julia Roberts and Steven Bognar. The drama unfolds when a factory in Ohio is purchased by a chinese billionaire. Conflict arises between the locals and the foreigner. The children’s series is called Listen To Your Vegetables and Eat Your Parents. It’s basically based on teaching children about food by using different adventures across the world. The show isn’t so long, it runs for only thirty minutes.

Another post World War II drama that’s promising is Bloom. It’s focused on all the difficulties people of color faced in the fashion industry in New York. They wouldn’t access a lot of things despite there being enormous growth in the industry. To top it all up, it was produced and written by Callie Khouri who is an Academy Award winner. It’s definitely worth watching, if you enjoyed Nashville or Thelma you’ll definitely like it. Another interesting project is Cris Camp, it highlights disabled teenagers who did an exceptional deed by starting a movement that focuses on disabled people. The film is depicted through a 1970’s setting. If you think that’s all you’re wrong! The Obama family will grace our screens with much more interesting productions in future.