In the 1920s, things were very different than they are now across the world.

A small town in Nevada was home to a strange event. The Utah Construction Company Ranch had several cows on a large piece of land, but for a few months, cows would disappear. Owners couldn’t see any signs as to where the cows were going or what could be taking the animals.

The only way that the farmers knew that the cows were missing was that they would come up short with the number of animals when they were counted. It wasn’t a large group of cows that would disappear but only one or two at a time.

However, it gave the farmers concern because they didn’t know if they would get in trouble with the company owners.A pair of cowboys noticed tracks in the mud one day, so they followed them to see where they would lead.

The men found that someone else was luring the cows off of the farm and keeping them.

The man had attached cow hoofs to a pair of shoes so that no one would be able to tell that he had taken the cows. It would simply look like the cows had walked off on their own.