Many people might think that lip balm has only one use. They put it on the lips to prevent them from getting chapped or to lock in moisture when the air is dry outside.

However, there are numerous ways that you can use the small container of lip balm around the house instead of buying other expensive products for the same uses.        

Apply a bit of lip balm on the ankles or heels when you’re wearing shoes without socks to protect against blisters. If you have a ring stuck on the finger, use a bit of lip balm around the edge to easily get it off. Lip balm can be used to seal off small cuts and hangnails so that they won’t tear off.        

If you have flyaways, then use a bit of lip balm along the edge of the face to keep them in one place. The moisturizing product can be used to soothe a sore nose.

All you have to do is add a bit between sneezes so that the skin on the nose doesn’t get raw. When windows stick in the house, add a bit of lip balm to get them loosened. It’s less expensive and faster than using a caulking gun that has similar materials.