In a desperate attempt to stay in the spotlight, Phillip Schofield, an anchor on “This Morning,” took extreme measures by consuming a squirrel while live on air. He believed that by eating vermin during his appearance he could take off internationally and get some much-needed attention – which worked! His bold move has sparked conversation around the world as people share their thoughts about him devouring this rodent not only for shock value but also how far someone will go for fame.

On the show, Phillip Schofield did not just consume raw squirrels in front of the camera. The event was featured as a segment with Chef Phil Vickery who cooked up some dishes that contained parts of small rodents. He prepared things like squirrel risotto and buttermilk squirrel for an unforgettable tasting experience – giving Schofieldy a unique opportunity to dine on these bizarre dishes before millions of people! In order to boost ratings and get his face out there, Schoefiled bravely said yes without hesitation despite its oddity – making it one squirrelly experience he won’t soon forget!

Schofield gleefully consumed squirrel to entertain the TV viewers, but Holly Willoughby held her ground and adamantly refused. Despite how it was cooked or what form it took, she simply had no interest in ingesting any of the chef’s creations – this made her feel quite “gippy”, a British term for feeling nauseous about something.

After Phillip Schofield’s daring escapade on This Morning, where he consumed a squirrel dish, the show was inundated with reactions from watchful viewers. Some voiced their endorsement of Schofield’s gustatory boldness while others found the experience distasteful.

“Shameful,” one person commented.

“Appalling,” another person.

After viewing the high-paid news anchor consuming squirrels on live television, some viewers opted to switch over to BBC in a desperate attempt at avoiding the event. This Morning’s decision of having Chef Vickery showcase his range of squirrel protein dishes likely led to an unexpected rise in viewership for the network that day.