Gray Narvaez-Dragion was ecstatic about their matrimonial milestone. The eighteen-year-old transgender individual, who uses they/them pronouns, exclaimed that they couldn’t wait to get married and welcomed anybody who could attend on their momentous day. Several scores of people responded with enthusiasm and promised the couple that they would show up to commemorate the union between them both as well as with their families during this extraordinary event.

Despite their anticipation and excitement, Gray Narvaez-Dragion’s big day was met with a heartbreaking surprise when more than half of the guests failed to appear for the wedding. The transgender individual and their partner were left reeling in anguish from this ghosting behavior.

Upon their wedding day, Gray Narvaez-Dragion opted to inform the world of its failure by showcasing all the desolate chairs in a TikTok video that has become popular – already racking up more than five million views!

The newlywed captioned the video, “88 people said yes… not even 40 showed up.”

The newly-married couple had diligently saved for their wedding, expecting to host 88 guests. But heartbreakingly, only a fraction of those who RSVP’d attended – leading the bride and groom to lose an upsetting $27,000 from their hard-earned savings. On what should have been one of the most joyous days in their lives, they were left surrounded by far fewer people than anticipated.

TikTok users inundated the popular clip with comments and reactions, largely in a consensus that the no-shows had exhibited a tremendous lack of manners.

“If you can’t make it to a wedding TELL THE HOSTS – it’s ok! They will save money with their caterer if you give notice! Don’t lie!”

Despite Gray’s arduous efforts to manage the money for their wedding celebration here in the United States, more than half of their expenses were wasted due to a lack of guests who showed up. The costly food and decorations they had purchased went unused, as well as all of the music that was prepared–all left unenjoyed.

A single individual recounted this unfortunate event happening to their sister as well.

“Happened to my sister. We set the room for eighty, and not even thirty came. We made the best of it but damn. I would never do that to someone.”

Gray revealed that unfortunately, several of the events had to be canceled due to lack of participation. For example, they failed to do the “sparkler send off, private dance, [the] dinner [and] cut the entire reception short.”

Gray continued: “Our ceremony made me so happy, but when I looked into the chairs we had set up, I realized they were empty. I didn’t realize until after… Been in tears for hours over this… I was so heartbroken.”

Despite the abbreviated ceremony, Gray and their beloved Nyx embraced one another in a warm hug as they became husband and wife “in the empty ceremony room together and cried.”

Gray continued, “‘I can’t afford our own food after I got fired and not even half attended. I’m devastated.”