A newborn baby is dead after an escalator incident. The grandmother was carrying the baby while she was on the escalator.

There was another woman on the escalator with a toddler. Everything was going well, but things changed within a split second. The escalator was on power-saving mode. This means that the escalator will not work until someone steps on it.

Things go wrong when the grandmother tries to step on an escalator. When the grandmother stepped on the escalator, she steadies herself with her right hand. She had her baby in her left hand. However, she ended up dropping the baby in the process.

The other woman ran up to the child and contacted emergency services. The baby was rushed to the hospital for treatment. Unfortunately, he died a short time later. The child reportedly fell over 30 feet to his death.

The terrible incident was caught on video. Many people have given the family condolences. However, nothing can take away the pain of losing a child. The video has been posted on YouTube. This incident reportedly occurred somewhere in China.

It shows how quickly things can happen. The video also shows how making a simple mistake can result in a death.