A sinkhole caused major chaos and confusion in southwestern Japan. A five-lane road ending up caving in because of the sinkhole.

One witness stated that the power went out in her home and then she heard a loud boom. When she went outside to see where the loud noise came from, she saw that there was a huge hole in the road.

The sinkhole collapsed around 5 a.m. Many people were woken up to chaos. Traffic lights and chunks of the road were swallowed by the sinkhole. Subway service was disrupted. Eight hundred households lost power.

Many of the people who lived in the area were asked to leave because officials were worried about gas explosions. The Fukuoka airport temporarily lost power. Soichiro Takashima is the mayor of the city. He stated that the incident is unprecedented.

He also stated that workers will speed up their efforts to repair lifelines and prevent other disasters from occurring.

Officials believe that the sinkhole collapse was caused by work on a nearby construction. The incident has made headline worldwide. Abc News posted a story about the incident on their Twitter timeline.

It has been retweeted over 680 times. The sinkhole was about 65 feet deep.