Someone parked in a different spot when coming home late from work one night. The next day, they discovered a note on their windshield, despite the fact that the parking spot was not reserved or designated in any way. The message implied that the individual intentionally created difficulties for others and was morally wrong for parking in a spot, which they had no right to use.

The individual posted the note on the subreddit “mildly infuriating” on Reddit. They said, “Night before last, I came home late after work and parked in a new spot close to my house. Found this on my windshield yesterday afternoon.”

The note says, “Old people’s life’s (sic) matter too! We are in our seventies and would like to park in front of our house.”

It appears that the note was written by an elderly couple who were upset because the person had parked in a spot that they typically use when returning from work. Although the Reddit user was frustrated, they did not park in the couple’s driveway and instead used street parking.

There were many people who shared comments about the note, and the following is a selection of those comments.

Someone wrote a note suggesting that the elderly couple should have departed instead. “More importantly, you could leave a note with some simple manners. ‘Hello stranger, I know you don’t know this, but my wife and I are in our 70s, and it’s very difficult for us to get walk longer distances. I was hoping I could ask you a huge favor, and if it is at all possible, could you try to leave this spot open as it sits right in front of our house? Once again, I know that there’s no way you could’ve known that, and it’s no big deal. It would just be a big help if you could try.’ Respectfully yours, Herbert and Doris.”

Someone else said, “This reminds me of the last apartment I lived in a few years ago. It had an elderly woman, Rosemary, who had lived there for ~20 years through multiple landlords. There was limited parking behind the apartment, and one “spot” pulled directly next to the gated back porch/door. I had noticed one car typically parked there but didn’t pay attention to who it was. One day, while I was moving things in still, that spot was empty, and I parked there. When I left the next morning, there was an envelope marked ‘Dear Neighbor’ with a letter from Rosemary inside, kindly explaining that she parks there because her walker doesn’t get across the rough parking lot easily and asked if in the future I could refrain from parking there. The next time I saw her, I apologized, and we would talk every time we ran into each other. A few months later, her car wasn’t there anymore, and it seemed she had left or passed away. I never got an explanation, but I still keep the note she put on my windshield.”

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