After being torn apart at the altar in 1963 by her parents, an elderly couple’s dream of marrying each other was finally realized six decades later. On the cusp of their eightieth year alive, they exchanged vows and sealed a love that spans more than sixty years.

Decades ago, Len Albrighton and Jeanette Steer pledged their love to one another after crossing paths on the Isle of Wight as trainee nurses in the vibrant 1960s. The couple had dreamed of starting a new life together Down Under but never got to see that dream come true…until now.

Despite Jeanette’s age of only 18 and Len’s 19, they desired to make their relationship official. Yet, in the UK at that time it was required for individuals to be 21 years or older for consent to marriage. Fortunately, with parental permission, things were able to move forward between the two love-struck teenagers.

After the wedding and romance were put on hold, Len made a life-altering decision to pursue his dream of living in Australia – something he had longed for since he was never truly content with life in England.

After a six-decade search for each other, the couple was finally reunited and eventually married in Stevenage, Herts. They shared that starting their lives together has been nothing short of “fantastic”.

When Jeanette’s parents initially halted the wedding, they were also adamant she could not move to Australia. This left Len stranded and alone in the foreign country he had relocated to prior.

The lovelorn beau obtained Jeanette’s tender missive bringing their engagement to a close just as he had reached Australia.

Len and Jeanette were separated for decades, leading each to construct independent lives with no knowledge of the other’s whereabouts.

Len tied the knot in Australia and constructed a home on the land he had purchased for him and Jeanette to live. As time progressed, he became a proud father of three children.

Jeanette stayed put on the Isle of Wight, where she and Len had been raised together. She eventually wed a naval officer and gave birth to two children in total. Her nursing career continued to thrive as well.

After his marriage ended in 2015, Len wanted to know if Jeanette was still alive and if she had any recollection of him.

After the divorce, he relocated to Stevenage at age seventy-one and decided to travel to the Isle of Wight in search of Jeanette.

He made his way to Newport, scouring through the electoral role at the library until he came across her address.

Len said: ‘I was daunted not knowing what her reaction would be or if I would even see her. I went on the off chance. It was not an easy place to find but I did.

‘I just hoped she was ok- I didn’t expect anything else. I’m very surprised by the outcome of my trip down there and very happy too!’

Peering through the garden fence, he gazed up at her home when a woman emerged to discover who was there.

Jeanette, who was still wed to her initial spouse when the incident occurred, didn’t acknowledge his bearded face due to knowing him as a clean-shaven 19-year-old. Nonetheless, she was shocked when he divulged that he had been her teenage love.

‘I nearly died when I realized it was him standing by my garden fence,’ she stated.

‘I was glad he looked me up – I thought of him a lot at the time.’

Regardless, she instructed Len to leave and informed her husband that he was an unfamiliar individual who wanted help finding his way.

Two years after their heartwarming reunion, Jeanette’s beloved husband succumbed to cancer.

After Len had passed away, Jeanette was reunited with him once more – she managed to locate his address from a Christmas card he’d sent her the previous year.

With their love rekindled, Len asked Jeanette to move in with him in Stevenage. Twelve months after that, he proposed and there were no inhibitions stopping them from taking the next step together this time around.

On February 11, the pair exchanged vows in a momentous ceremony attended by their kids, grandkids, and great-grandchildren – with one of Jeanette’s daughters even having the honor to walk her down the aisle.

‘Married life is fantastic- it couldn’t be better,’ Jeanette stated.

‘It’s nice to have someone who treats me with respect. I like doing everything and anything with Len.’

Len stated: ‘We fell in love again. We read poems to each other and exchanged rings- I got emotional when reading mine. I was overwhelmed with my love for her.’