Robert O’Neill is well known for his heroic act of shooting and killing the highly sought Osama Bin laden. After the act, Mr. O’Neill was celebrated by the United States. Besides, the sitting president then, Barrack Obama, praised him for his courage. Historically, Robert O’Neill eliminated the person responsible for the death of thousands of American citizens in the 9/11 attack. Although Robert O’Neill contributed to the fight against terrorism, thus, keeping his fellow citizens safe, he has somehow failed in being responsible during the pandemic. Consequently, O’Neill disregarded the simple instructions of wearing a face mask to protect himself and others while traveling with Delta Airlines. Delta Airlines reportedly barred Robert O’Neill from traveling with the airlines. The decision made by Delta Airlines was further supported by O’Neil’s action of bragging on social media about the breach. The company’s decision was inspired by its commitment to protecting citizens from COVID-19, which has caused many horrible deaths.

Robert O’Neill was working was U.S. Navy Team Six when he killed Osama Bin Lad. Consequently, the act brought him to the public spotlight. More than a decade later, he is coming to the public attention again, but for the wrong reason. During the flight, he shared a photo wearing a smile but not a mask. Besides, he wrote a tweet, “I’m not a p***y,” expressing that wearing a mask would make him feel weak. Delta Airlines banned Robert O’Neill from using the company’s planes because he refused to follow simple COVID-19 prevention protocols. After O’Neil wrote, “I just got banned from @Delta for posting a picture. Wow,” a controversy sparked on social media and other internet platforms. Delta Airlines spokesperson confirmed the news that the airline has banned Robert O’Neil from accessing its services. Delta Airlines revised its travel policies after the pandemic hit the world in an effort to protect its customers. The company’s response reinstated its travel policies that were recently updated to include wearing face masks by all the travelers. Further, the policies stated that persons who fail to comply would jeopardize their opportunity of traveling with the major airline on subsequent trips.

Interestingly, O’Neil made efforts to destroy the proof of sitting next to a person adorned in a U.S. Marine Corps (USMC) hat. Consequently, other social media users thought that he was deriding the Marine for wearing a mask. Some citizens praised the Marine wearing a USMC hat and reproved O’Neil for his negligence, stating that he ought not to endanger the lives of other citizens by failing to wear a face mask. For instance, one person wrote, “You’re endangering a veteran’s life.” After the reproof, Mr. Robert replied angrily and deleted the comments after a while. He tried to justify himself that he was not targeting the Marine corp. O’Neil further stated that the order to wear masks was from China which also, brought the pandemic. He bragged in the tweet that he knew more about biological welfare than many people. Part of his tweet read, “Make no mistake … this ‘pandemic’ was sent to you by China. I know more about biological warfare than most of you. We were trained.” Finally, O’Neil ended his tweet by stating that he was only saying facts. Interestingly, he deleted the tweet afterward.