While shopping in the United Kingdom, a mother was subjected to derogatory comments from other shoppers. She had some visible belly rolls due to her busy schedule that did not allow her to exercise regularly. The woman, Nicola, had gone to the grocery store with her stomach partially exposed when the comments were made.

Nicola recorded a video of herself and explained that other customers had made hurtful remarks about her belly rolls. She even revealed the outfit she was wearing in the video, which showed her partially exposed stomach. However, the outfit was not inappropriate or offensive in any way.

“I was getting looks probably because I had my belly showing, and I am not the skinniest,” the mom said in a video. “It is one of those things people probably look at me and think, who does she think she is wearing that it is freezing? She got her belly out.”

Thankfully, Nicola did not allow her critics to affect her. She improved her mood and made a video in response to her haters to clarify that she likes to expose her stomach at times as it’s her body.

“My body has produced a child, an absolutely beautiful child, and if I want to rock whatever I have got, I am going to do it,” she stated. “So yea, I went to the supermarket like this, and I don’t care.”

Nicola thinks that individuals should be comfortable in their own skin and wear clothes that bring them happiness.

“It has bugger all to do with anyone else how fat or thin I am,” she stated.

Nicola’s video received a significant amount of global attention. Numerous individuals were shocked that she faced criticism for flaunting her belly.

“You absolutely rock that outfit,” wrote one person.

“You look amazing. I need to take your advice and just go for it,” said another TikTok user.

It is possible that some of her critics felt insecure upon seeing her in a belly-baring outfit.

“I bet someone looked at you and thought, I wish I had the confidence to wear that!! You look amazing, babe,” added another supporter.

The mother of one posted a video where she stated that women should not feel obligated to cover themselves up in public. She later recorded a follow-up video reiterating this message.

“I really want women to love themselves the way that they are,” she stated. “Don’t cover up what you have. Love your own skin. Just go for it.”

Do you think the mother’s outfit was inappropriate for a trip to the grocery store?