Finding out something interesting about your kid that you didn’t know they were capable of all along is one of the finest aspects of parenting, in my opinion. It’s always difficult for parents to keep up and figure out exactly who their children are becoming, but it’s worth hoping for the best at all times and that your kid turns out to be everything you want them to be.

During a trip to Walmart with her son, one mother had one of these proud parenting instances. When she got to the shop with her little guy, she was furious when she discovered that he had wandered off and had to search around the store for him. But when she learned what the kid had been up on, she went into overdrive.

She’d describe what had occurred, writing: “I had to run into Walmart. I turned around to make sure my son was next to me.” When she looked up and saw the sign above the place her son was kneeling, she was shocked. There were photographs of children who had vanished on the wall, with a notice that said “missing.”

“Every Second Count,” in which he reveals that one second is all it takes for these children to get kidnapped or lost. You can imagine how proud this mother was when her son knelt down and said a prayer for the missing individuals and their family members.

The photo of the boy praying quickly went viral, and as expected it has touched the hearts of everyone who has seen it, particularly those who have had missing loved ones. The photograph has been shared 115,000 times on Facebook so far and was even included on a Facebook group for a teenage boy named Aubrey Jayce Caroll who vanished in 2016 and whose photo was on the wall the boy was kneeling in front of.

The person who shared the photo wrote:

“I don’t know who this little guy is, but I want to thank you for praying for these children. One of those kids up there is my cousin Aubrey Carroll. This has certainly touched my heart. If I knew where or who this kid was I’d love to thank him personally.”

One of the people who saw the photo understood the message behind it, and we wholeheartedly agree with the moving statement “Whether or not you believe in God doesn’t matter. This was a child in Walmart who was thinking about others and doing the only thing he could to help. The world would be a better place if everyone followed his example.” the post read.

When things seem to be going from bad to worse, it’s easy to think that the world is full of terrible people. However, when you witness acts like this, you will almost certainly reconsider your point of view. This little boy’s act of kindness and care for others is something we could all learn from. Indeed, if we had more individuals like him in the world, it would most certainly be a better place to live.