An Oklahoma mother has recently taken legal action against her teenage daughter’s school district after a distressing incident unfolded in a public restroom. Theresa Gooden, the mother, has filed a lawsuit seeking $75,000 in damages on behalf of her 15-year-old daughter, who was subjected to a physical altercation by a transgender student. The incident has sparked a contentious legal battle, highlighting the need for improved policies and understanding surrounding gender identity in educational institutions.

In October 2022, Gooden’s daughter, referred to as EG, found herself on the receiving end of what her mother describes as a severe assault by a transgender student within the school’s restroom facilities. Although the school authorities claimed to be unaware of the aggressor’s biological gender, they contested the compensation sought by Gooden and her daughter, leading to the escalation of the legal dispute.

Speaking to the hosts of Fox & Friends on the Fox News channel, Gooden expressed the traumatizing effect the incident had on her daughter. She emphasized that this was not merely a conventional fight, but rather a distressing “beatdown” that left both physical and emotional scars on her child. The incident prompted Gooden to take legal action against the school district, aiming to secure justice for her daughter’s anguish.

The transgender student involved in the incident was assigned male at birth, raising questions about restroom access and the interpretation of Oklahoma state law. The state’s current legislation dictates that individuals must use restrooms that correspond with the gender indicated on their birth certificates, rather than the gender they identify with. Notably, this law has drawn criticism from LGBTQ advocacy groups and supporters, who argue for a more inclusive approach to gender identity.

While Gooden’s daughter was attacked by a transgender student who should not have had access to the girls’ restroom, Edmond Public Schools Superintendent Angela Grunewald stated that the aggressor’s transgender status was unknown due to the child’s identification as female in all school records. Superintendent Grunewald further explained that high schools do not require birth certificates upon enrollment, relying on the gender provided by parents and the child’s outward presentation.

According to Gooden and her attorney Greg Andrews, prior to the incident, the victim EG had reported threats made by the transgender student and had asserted the student’s biological male status. Additionally, the aggressor had previously been searched by the police for weapons. Andrews contends that the school was aware of the possibility of the attacker being male, as indicated by a paternity affidavit in the student’s file. These allegations challenge the school district’s compliance with the law, setting the stage for a potentially revealing discovery process.

Gooden fervently emphasizes the importance of adherence to guidelines to ensure the safety of all students within the school environment. The brutal attack on her daughter underscores the need for improved protocols and awareness when it comes to handling matters related to gender identity. Gooden’s pursuit of legal action is not only seeking justice for her own daughter but also demanding greater accountability and a safer educational environment for all students.

The lawsuit filed by Theresa Gooden against her daughter’s school district highlights the critical issues surrounding gender identity and safety within educational institutions. This case serves as a catalyst for reevaluating existing policies and promoting a more inclusive and supportive environment for transgender students. As the legal battle unfolds, it is evident that this incident has far-reaching implications, raising important questions about the responsibility of schools to protect all students, irrespective of their gender identity.