In a world where information constantly surprises us, it’s fascinating to discover that CVS, the prominent drugstore chain that has been serving customers for over six decades, has a hidden secret behind its name. Recently, social media was abuzz with a viral clip that left users bewildered and sparked their curiosity when a TikToker unveiled the true meaning behind the CVS acronym.

The TikToker, known as Nisa, shared her experience using a dry mouth spray from “Consumer Value Stores” (CVS) and humorously described it as akin to someone chewing gum and spitting into your mouth. Little did she know that her casual mention of the store’s “government name” would ignite a flurry of comments from viewers who were completely unaware of what CVS truly stood for.

To everyone’s surprise, even an ex-CVS employee admitted to being clueless about the acronym during their time working at the renowned drugstore. The comment section became a source of amusement, with some finding humor in Nisa’s use of CVS’s full name and jokingly referring to it as a “war crime.”

This revelation left countless viewers perplexed, as they had no idea about the “government name” Nisa casually dropped in her video. Some expressed their amusement at imagining someone actually saying, “Oh, I’m going to the consumer value store,” while others marveled at the fact that CVS blushed at being called by its full name.

Interestingly, the origins of CVS trace back to 1963 when it first opened as “Consumer Value Stores” in Lowell, Massachusetts. It wasn’t until a year later that the visionary ex-CEO, Tom Ryan, decided to transform the store’s name into the widely recognized acronym CVS. Fast forward to 2023, and CVS Pharmacy has an impressive presence with 9,589 locations across the United States, particularly flourishing in California.

As the largest drugstore chain in the country, CVS continues to serve its customers diligently, while the majority of people remain unaware of the true meaning behind its acronym. So next time you step into a CVS store, remember the hidden story behind those three letters that have been ingrained in our daily lives for over 60 years.