When you’re young, single, and in love, or simply wanting to be, it’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of emotions and overlook what is most important when deciding who you will commit your life to. Of course attraction matters, as does enjoy each other’s company; however there are several significant aspects people often neglect before their big day arrives.

On the honeymoon, it can be hard to envision what your future with your partner will look like. But as life progresses and obstacles arise, how will you two come together? What kind of spouse or parent do you expect them to be over time?

Married for 15 years, Kari Boyer is a wife and mother of three children who recently shared her valuable insight on how to choose the right spouse. On Facebook, she proudly stated that she and her husband are “3 kids and a baby in Heaven” – emphasizing the importance of finding someone genuine whom you can share those special moments with.

One day, her daughter’s sickness was so severe that she couldn’t even keep water down. Staring at the sight of her husband cuddled up beside their ailing child, she came to comprehend what it means to marry someone who loves deeply and unconditionally.

Boyer shared a heart-warming snapshot of her husband and daughter, sprawled out on the floor. Alongside it was an evocative post that captured exactly what she had been pondering.

In her post, Boyer specifically addressed young women and offered advice on what type of man they should hope to marry. She said, “Young ladies, when the season of life comes and you’re starting to pray for a spouse to spend your life with… pray for the kind of man that will lay next to your future 13yr old, on the bathroom floor praying over her because she can’t keep a drop of water down.” She further described the lengths her husband was willing to go for their daughter, detailing how he laid on the floor with her in their home, drove them both to the hospital and stayed all night by her bedside.

Boyer not only thinks that a partner should be caring for children, but she also believes it is vital for husbands to have their priorities in check. She said, “Pray for a spouse that will wake up at 6:30 am on Sunday and get his family around and lead them to the House of God. Because, if he can wake up at 4:30 am on Saturday to hunt… he can wake up at 6:30 on Sunday to lead his family to salvation.”

Boyer then reiterated how crucial it is to not settle for anything less than the partner God has chosen for you. She wrote, “No amount of waiting for a husband is worse than settling for the wrong spouse and losing years of your life living outside of the will of God.”

Do you align with Boyer’s criteria for the ideal spouse? If married, did you pray for your partner before saying “I do”?