Indy Clinton, a 25-year-old Australian mom from Sydney, has faced intense criticism after choosing to name her newborn daughter after a beloved Disney character. Undeterred by the backlash, Indy remains resolute in her decision to honor Molly-Mae Hague’s child and name her own daughter Bambi. Despite the negative comments flooding in online, Indy couldn’t care less about the naysayers.

Indy’s popularity soared on TikTok, the Chinese social media platform, where she captivates her audience with quirky videos showcasing her alluring looks and her loving family. It was on this platform that she shared her astonishment at the “coincidence” of both her and Molly-Mae choosing the name Bambi for their newborn daughters. She revealed this intriguing parallel after Molly-Mae announced her baby’s name on Instagram.

From a tender age, Indy cherished Disney’s heartwarming film Bambi. She even acquired a storybook version of the movie, which she regularly reads to her two-year-old son, Navy. Given her profound affection for the endearing character, it seemed only natural for the 25-year-old Australian mom to name her newborn daughter after Bambi, the cherished Disney icon.

Initially, Indy had intended to name her baby girl Paloma. However, upon meeting her, she was captivated by her daughter’s “sweet, curious nature” and her “big, brown eyes.” It was an instant reminder of the beloved Disney cartoon character, compelling Indy to abandon her original naming plans and instead bestow the name Bambi upon her child.

Now four months old, Indy’s daughter continues to surprise her extended family, who remain astonished that the TikTok mom chose to name her human child after a Disney cartoon fawn. Reflecting on her decision, Indy shared, “When I gave birth four months ago, I was convinced that Bambi was the most unique and unconventional name that nobody else would use.”

Although some have criticized the name chosen by both Molly-Mae and Indy for their daughters, Indy remains undeterred by public opinion. Her deep love for the Disney character’s name outweighs any external disapproval. Embracing the trend of unique names, the 25-year-old mom confidently states, “Bambi will fit right in with the Rivers, Bears, Forests, Stormis, and Wolfs. I would be more concerned about giving my child a name from the 1900s. People will criticize anything these days, so let’s give them something to talk about.”

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